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Gunung Mulu National Park is located in Malaysia and includes over 200 square miles of some of the largest caves in the world, rainforests, and mountains.  If you are in Miri, Kuching, or Kota Kinabalu, and are looking for tourist attractions near me, you can take a direct flight to Mulu.  This national park is very remote, so be prepared with everything you need prior to booking your flight.


Mulu was designated a national park in 1974, and in 2000 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The caves within the park have been called the most spectacular on earth and with good reason.  Mulu caves are of significance because of their massive size.  Mulu hosts the world’s largest underground chambers, the largest cave passage, and the longest cave system in Southeast Asia.  These caves are so large you could fit a large airplane inside, without the wingtips touching the walls.


A large-scale expedition of the caves and rainforest launched in 1977, and took place over 15 months, with over 100 scientists involved.  Since then, an additional 20 expeditions have culminated in the Mulu Caves Project.


When you are exploring Mulu, their website is a wealth of information, and a list of packing essentials is published by the park.  You can book your activities within the park in advance on the website, or look at booking when you arrive.  Activities include cave exploring, hiking, and trekking to the top of Mount Mulu.  Note that a guide is required for most of these outings.


There are some activities that can be done without a guide, but you are strongly encouraged to stay on the paths and keep a map with you.


You can stay at the park in a cabin, or you can camp within the grounds.  There is also a Marriott Resort about 5 minutes outside of the park.

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