Are there things to consider before posting?

Please see the about us page 

All post MUST be in English

Can a member create a group?

No, a member cannot create a group; only the administrator can do that. However, a group, after due consideration, may be created at the request of site members.

How do I guest post on Discoverybit?

Submit unique, very well-written, and original content of at least 2500 words and above. The content must be plagiarism-free and should answer a very important question in the form of:


A) A round-up post: the round-up post should have no less than 25 experts. And you must include their pictures (150x150px) and website URLs


B) A blog post—must write on a topic that you are an expert on.


C) A short important unique discovery post, in about 338 characters, which has not been posted to the website. You can send it via the contact page


A Very Important Note

1)  Always reference any source that you use.

2) Use images and videos that drive home your point.

3) We strongly recommend that you communicate with us, especially with regard to the topic before writing.

How do I insert a link?

You can insert a link using the format below:
<a href=”URL”> Link Text </a>

I can’t upload images in the directory

I want to upload more images in the directory

All users are allowed only one image in the free listing. Additional images are subject to charges. Please, contact us.

Is there a video demonstration of how the travel directory works?

Explore The Most Interesting And Popular Tourist Attractions / Destinations In 2024
Explore The Most Interesting And Popular Tourist Attractions / Destinations In 2024
Watch this video on YouTube

My avatar does not show up in the header section

This usually happens when you use social login to import your profile. This can be fixed by changing your profile

photo via this link:

The photo would show up the next time you log in again using social login.

My post or blog is not showing up?

This could be because:

1) The post is not the right fit for this platform
2) Your initial post may not show up until it has been approved by a moderator.

We are sorry that we are unable to inform everyone of our decision

What is the max file size upload for this platform?

All file size uploads, especially images, for the Discoverybit platform users should not exceed 80KB. And the smaller the file sizes the better. 

What is the size of all featured images?

The accepted dimension is 800px by 418px


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