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Hyperion became an important tourist attraction after it was announced as the tallest tree in the world. It is believed to have been in existence for about 600 years. It is categorized as a specimen of Sequoia sempervirens. The tree’s location is in Redwood National Park in California.


Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, On August the 25th of the year 2006, discovered the tree and kept its location away from the public in a bid to protect the tree. When measured in 2006, Hyperion was the tallest tree with a height of 115.55 m. As of 2019, it had grown in height up to 116.07 m.



Although the specific location of the tree is unknown to many, it is confirmed that it is in Redwood National Park. This park is distinguished as the home of the tallest trees on earth. In addition to this, its purpose is to protect prairies, Oakland, wild riverways, and the rugged coastline of close to 40 miles. This conservation center has also become a place to generate inspiration, feel enjoyment, and access education for visitors who are passionate about finding a suggestion to their request of “tourist attractions near me.”


Hyperion, being a popular tourist attraction, has also contributed to the popularity of the park. The park founded in 1968 is now estimated to welcome an average annual visitor of 436,940. While most areas of this park are free, tourists are expected to pay to visit some parts like the Prairie Creek Redwoods, Del Norte Coast Redwoods, and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Parks. Visitors are encouraged to abide by the code of conduct of the park to have a fulfilling experience while interacting with nature.

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