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Each person has at least a favorite color that may be indicative of the person’s personality and many others. But before we dive into discussing this relationship,  a brief introduction.


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The greatest minds in history, from Aristotle to Da Vinci, to Goethe, have argued about the emotional and psychological significance of color. Although there is no exact science to describe a universal meaning of colors and their interaction with the human mind, the emotional connotations, derived from color, and its perception cannot be denied.



The colors around us are capable of generating different reactions, which depend to a significant degree on perception, cultural legacy, emotional context, and psychological baggage. Therefore, the way one reacts to a particular color is essential to understanding some of the most fundamental aspects of one’s personality.


So, without further ado, here is what your favorite color, arranged alphabetically, could tell about you:



1) Beige:

You will always be able to rely on people whose favorite color is beige. Beige lovers are reliable and dependable to a fault; however, they are typical of fickle in character. These individuals will gravitate towards relaxed environments and will often be unfairly pegged as boring.


2) Black:

Individuals who prefer the color black are mysterious and have a knack for disguising their passions. The color black suggests hidden depths and desires, and also suggests an aversion to the material world.


3) Blue:

Blue is a soothing color and has long been associated with sympathy, good sense, and introspection. People who prefer blue as a favorite color tend to lean towards conservative values and having a strong sense of duty. Blue lovers are typically patient, tenacious, highly scrupulous, and calm. If you love blue you might find yourself feeling apprehensive towards shrill people.


4) Brown:

Lovers of brown tend to lean towards insightful, patient, and strong-willed personality types. If you prefer brown as a favorite color, there are good chances that you are conservative, impulsive, predictable, but also highly responsible. Unfortunately, brown lovers are also very stubborn.


5) Cyan:

Cyan is reserved for refined individuals. Those who prefer cyan as a favorite color are typically intelligent and distinguished. Cyan lovers can be methodical in their practical ability, possess immaculate tastes, and can be exceedingly competent.


6) Gray:

People who favor the different shades of gray are meticulous, disciplined, and neat. These individuals often seek tranquility above all else. Folks who like gray as a favorite color are also able to see life as a cycle of ups and downs and enjoy a sense of emotional stability because of this. Gray lovers are great at business but tend to become addicted to working.


7) Green:

Green is the color of harmony and balance. Green symbolizes rebirth and is typically associated with sincere and hopeful individuals. Those who like green as a favorite color tend to be socially responsible and civically minded people. Green is the preferred color of the modest, shy, and patient crowd.


8) Gold:

Gold lovers are full of life, charisma, and enthusiasm. The color gold is loved by those who cherish attention, respect, and approval. These individuals who prefer gold as a favorite color are highly captivating, compelling, and appealing. They exude warmth and often exert power over their peers.


9) Lavender: 

Lavender is often the preferred color of superficial and conceited people. Lavender is also the preferred favorite color of individuals who enjoy the refined culture and identify with nobility. Often well-educated, charming, and funny, lavender lovers avoid getting their hands dirty as much as possible.


10) Lime:

This fresh citrus shade is a favorite color typically associated with easy-going, confident, and highly energetic individuals. Those who enjoy lime green promote positive vibes, creativity, and liveliness.


11) Magenta:

Magenta encourages balance and common sense. Magenta lovers are often spiritual individuals who seek harmony and emotional stability. Magenta appeals to passion, power, and energy, as well as introspection and restraint. Some magenta lovers tend to be intuitive and perseverant. Magenta is regularly preferred as a favorite color by non-conformists and free spirits.


12) Maroon:

This brownish crimson shade appeals to generous individuals who have been tempered by their past experiences. People who have come up through hardship often prefer maroon as a favorite color over all other colors. The personalities of maroon lovers are similar to those who love red but with perhaps more nuance towards discipline and maturity.


13) Orange:

Orange is related to luxury and pleasure. Individuals that are fond of playfulness and celebration typically gravitate towards orange shades. Some orange lovers can be slightly dramatic, although always good-natured. Additionally, those who prefer orange as a favorite color are capricious and maintain high curiosity and audacity.


14) Pink:

The color pink aligns well with the color red in terms of the elicited emotional response. Pink implies loving feelings but with subdued passion. Pink is the preferred favorite color of individuals who like to give, as well as receive, affection. Pink is typically considered a delicate and fragile color and sweetness and charm are the typical personality traits of pink lovers.


15) Purple:

Those who choose purple as their favorite color are highly individualistic and selective. Purple lovers are strong-willed and tend to be artistic. Sarcastic and emotionally distant individuals are often fond of the regal shades of purple. If you like purple, you are likely a trendsetter and fond of breaking the mold and standing apart.






16) Red:

Red is the color of strength, health, vitality, and virility. Red is often the preferred favorite color of energetic, sociable, and aggressive individuals. Red is aligned with ambition, and sometimes people who prefer the color red can be impetuous and unable to accept their own shortcomings. 


17) Silver:

The color of silver has long been associated with the moon and the tides, because of this, people who favor the favorite color silver tend to be emotionally volatile, fluid in their ways, and highly mysterious. Silver lovers are also reflective, introspective, and observant; nothing gets past them.


18) Turquoise:

Those who prefer turquoise as a favorite color possess complex emotional depth; they tend to be imaginative and are always barely containing a maelstrom of heartfelt emotions. However, turquoise lovers are often friendly and approachable individuals. If you like turquoise, you might be empathetic, creative, sensitive, and express yourself with heartfelt confidence.


19) White:

Since time immemorial, the color white has been aligned with purity, innocence, and ingenuity. If your favorite color is white it could mean that you strive for perfection and lofty ideals. White, too, can signify the need for simplicity and unencumbered life.


20) Yellow:

Yellow is the preferred favorite color of happy, wise, and imaginative people. Self-sufficient individuals who enjoy intellectual challenges and novelty gravitate towards this color. Yellow lovers are often insightful, great at business, and extremely humorous. If you prefer yellow, it is highly likely that you are capable of clear and precise expression of ideas.

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