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1) Praying Mantis:

This animal is really fascinating because it paints a picture of someone going to court trouble by doing something that is necessary for species survival. The male pray mantis goes courting the female for a mating session.


The courting is successful, fortunately for the male, but here comes the sad part as the male gets its head decapitated by the female during copulation. The body of the male, regardless of being headless, is capable of mating for several hours, fertilizing the eggs. The decapitated head is said to provide the needed protein required by the female to lay more eggs.


The mating session may seem to have ended badly for the male, depending on how one looks at it, but it is, in a wired way, a win for the male as the male’s sacrifice leads to the birth of more its offsprings.


Some female spiders also eat their mates after they have died from mating, but the next story is that of the female spider sacrificing herself for her spiderlings.



Tags: Animal Marsupial Parasite Praying Mantis Salmon Spiders

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