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Cape Town, Western Cape 8001, South Africa
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Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA) is considered by many as the largest museum that houses contemporary African art in the world. This means contemporary artistic works by Africans and those that valorize African culture and history can be seen and appreciated in this Museum.



For tourists intending to go see the beauty of this country, it won’t be out of place to also include this museum as one of the tourist attractions to visit. Interesting places like this with mighty structures and significant objects are not only found in antiquity. They are also available in this contemporary period. Such is this recently opened museum in South Africa. And yes, many of us know South Africa because when the country is mentioned, people are likely to remember Mandela. Which indeed is correct, as this is the home of Madiba!


It is believed to one of the museums in the world where collections of contemporary arts from the African continent and that of the group of people identifying with the black race in other continents can be found. Works of notable and eminent artists like Kinde Wiley and Wangechi Mutu are readily available to interact with the mind of visitors.


The location of the Museum is strategic, as it is located on the banks of Table Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the V&A Waterfront where it is located in a hub of hospitality property that welcomes over 24 million visitors per year.


Visiting the museum is more like visiting the Waterfront. Since the time it opened in 2017, the management of the museum has remained faithful to the mission of the museum which includes collection, preservation, research, and preservation of arts of African origin. More so, it holds timely international exhibitions and equally organizes programs that encourage cultural exchange.


This is a good place for tourists looking for a tourist attraction that explores African narratives. This is one of the best options to understand modern Africa and its cultural narratives.


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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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