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Skylodge Adventure Suites are unique luxury accommodations pods that are perched 1,200 feet above the Sacred Valley of Cusco in Peru.


A Skylodge suite comes with four bedrooms, a dining area, and a bathroom. The lodge can accommodate a maximum of 8 persons per night. 



And the pods, which are made with aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate, are very safe.


The transparent pods, which are great for the adventurous traveler, offer a 300-degree scenic view right from one’s cozy bed.


But like all great things with some shortcomings, tourists must either climb more than 1,200 feet in elevation or hike a strenuous trail, connected with zip lines, to reach the pods. 


A stay at the Skylodge suites includes transportation from Cusco, a bilingual guide, and gourmet dinner and breakfast, which could set you back about $500 per person.


Source: Tripstodiscover and Naturavive

Date Established
Price Range
$427.00 to $503.00
Opening Hours
Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only
Appointment only

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