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Messel Pit, discovered during a mining activity of an oil shale site, is said to be the richest fossil trove in the world for understanding the living environment that existed between 57 million and 36 million years ago (The Eocene Epoch). 



The site, in particular, is said to provide unique information about the early stages of the evolution of mammals. A notable quality of the Messel Pit is the exceptional quality, quantity, and diversity of preservation of the over 1000 species of plants and animals, ranging from skin, hair, and stomach contents, feathers, to fully articulated skeletons.


A new species of python, called “Messelopython Freyi, said to be the oldest python in the world was also discovered at the Pit.


The Pit is said to attract an average of 40,000 visitors yearly.


Source: DiscoveryBit and Unesco

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