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2 B Fonteinallee , Doorwerth, Gelderland 6865 ND, Netherlands
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The Doorwerth Castle is one of the oldest castles in the Netherlands, dating as far back as 1260. The original castle was made completely of wood, but it is currently made out of bricks.


The castle is so old that the oldest tree in Holland, a Robinia (acacia) tree planted in 1600, is located on the Castle Doorwerth grounds. The trunk of the tree is said to have a circumference of 7 meters.



The castle was said to be the center of power, government, and administration of justice in the 13th  century. Over the course of its long history, it was constantly besieged, burnt down, restored, and left uninhabited for long periods of time.


The most severe destruction happened during and after the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944, a key battle during WWII. A large portion of the castle was destroyed and for the final time, renovation works started and were completed in 1983.


The castle was refurbished to maintain its 17th-century style and was officially commissioned as a museum by Queen Juliana of The Netherlands in 1986. It has since been managed by the “Friends of the Castles of Gelderland” foundation. It was also featured on a British TV show called “Most Haunted in 2004” after reports of paranormal activity within its walls.


Tourists can soak in the rich history of the castle that is more than seven centuries old, and learn about its most glorious and darkest periods. The castle has 3 exhibitions for visitors to choose from; the Dutch Hunting Museum, the National Forestry Collection, and Museum Veluwezoom.


Visitors can also enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch, or a drink in the Castle café, purchase Souvenirs and local products in the castle gift shop or choose to take a hike or bike ride on the scenic and hilly landscape surrounding the castle itself.


The castle welcomes a large number of tourists as well as ghost hunters annually.




Source: Doorwerth and Wikipedia

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