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35 Tower Hill , Greater London, England EC3N 4DR, United Kingdom
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The Tower of London was originally built by William the Conqueror, following his successful invasion of England in 1066.


The 1,000-year-old Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, is a fortress that has served as:


A) A royal palace 

B) One of the world’s oldest and famous prison

C) An armory

D) An execution chamber

E) A treasury

F) A safeguard for the 24,000 gems that make up the famous Crown Jewels still worn by the Queen on special occasions. The total value of the jewels is estimated to exceed £20 billion.



The Tower has witnessed 22 executions and once had a royal zoo, in the 1200s, that existed for 600 years. And no surprise here, as it is also said to be haunted by several ghosts.


At least 6 ravens are said to be kept at the Tower of London at all times because it is believed that if the Ravens flew away, the Kingdom will fall. 


And for that reason, each raven has a wing clipped to make sure they do not fly too far from home.


The flock of resident ravens is said to also include a ‘spare’! 


More than 2 million people visit the Tower of London every year, and tours are led by the colorfully costumed Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders who thrill the tourists. 


Source: Britannica and Visitbritainshop

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