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Ask anyone, and you are bound to get varying reasons as to why some movie sequels should be made. Many folks would argue that some movies should have a continuation because of, for example, how they end–leaving behind many unanswered questions, or how well they did at the box office to mention these two.



But whatever the reason is, not all films have the quality and attributes that are required to become a movie sequel. But these folks think that these 23 movies do stand the chance of being made into a movie sequel.



It would be interesting to pay attention to the reasons that they give to see if your movie, probably listed here, falls within the criteria of one that should be made into a movie sequel.


By the way, some of the movie selections, listed in no particular order, may surprise you.



1) John Carter

Dane Kolbaba, movies, sequel

Dane Kolbaba

John Carter deserves a movie sequel. John Carter was a visually stunning movie that came out in 2012. It was entertaining, light-hearted, fun, and also emotionally engaging. And the ending scene for the movie was too much of a cliffhanger for people invested in the story not to want to find out what happens next.


JOHN CARTER | Trailer 2012 -- Official Movie Trailer | Official Disney UK


The story centers on John Carter, a former American Civil War Confederate Army captain who was accidentally transported to the dying planet of Barsoom, where he meets strange alien creatures. On his quest to get back to his home planet, he gets caught up in the war between the two Red Martian cities, Helium and Zodanga, and decides to help.


He falls in love with Dejah, the princess of Helium, and marries her. At the end of the movie, he finds himself transported back to Earth against his will. He desperately tries to get back to Barsoom, and then he finds his way back. But what happens afterward in Barsoom? is what I believe everyone is curious to know especially given some of his unique abilities.


The movie is based on the Barsoom series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and is a completed story encompassing 13 books. The movies were planned as a trilogy, and the movie sequel would have been titled John Carter: The Gods of Mars. But plans for the subsequent movies were scrapped due to a $200 million write-down for Disney.




2) Polar

Cindy Alvarez, movies, sequel

Cindy Alvarez

This action-packed assassin movie definitely deserves a movie sequel. An assassin, Duncan Vizla aka the Black Kaiser, who was about to retire, unknown to him, is scheduled to be killed by the company that he works for. And this is because if he dies, before retirement, his entitled 8 million dollars goes back to the company. Unfortunately for the company, they messed with the wrong assassin, who ended up, as expected, killing them all.


Polar | Official Trailer | Netflix


A movie sequel would answer the question of what happens next when the assassin and Camille–the only survivor from the family he killed, set out to find who hired the assassin’s company to kill Camille’s family in a job that was meant to kill only Camille’s father.



3) The Wandering Earth

Emmanuel Nwaodua, movies, sequel

Emmanuel Nwaodua

This is a blockbuster science fiction movie, and second China’s biggest film release, which many folks don’t know is on Netflix. The movie depicts a course of action taken when the Earth is in peril due to an expanding sun.


All the nations of the world, to keep the earth safe, bond together to build the earth into a giant spaceship, which is fitted with thousands of rockets at the earth’s rear to propel the earth to another celestial home.


But along the way, they come across a major obstacle, the gravitational pull of Jupiter, which led to the loss of lives, and some folks being forced to take on more mature responsibilities.


The Wandering Earth | Official Trailer | Netflix


But we know that Jupiter was the least of their concern on the 2,500-year-long journey to their destination. And so, via a movie sequel, many of us would like to know if and how they got to their destination.



4) Priest:

Anika Reynesh, Movies, sequel

Anika Reynesh

Whether we like it or not, this is like another superhuman movie, where some folks are specially trained as priests and priestesses to literally fight vampires. Yes, the priests and priestess, mainly Paul Bettany and Maggie Q characters, in addition to a sheriff, Cam Gigandet, defeated one of the priests, Karl Urban’s character, Black Hat, who was turned into a major bad a** vampire.


Official PRIEST Trailer - In Theaters 5/13/2011


But the end seems to portray evidence of other vampires lurking around for a major upcoming battle. I am sure many of us including myself, through a movie sequel, would love to see how that turns out.



5) Watchmen

Michael Thomas, movie sequel

Michael Thomas

A movie that I think deserves a movie sequel is Watchmen. Watchmen is a superhero movie that centers around 4-5 characters. They fight and defend the city. When one of them dies they have to find out who did it and they get back together after years of not fighting crime. 


Watchmen (2009) Official Trailer - Zac Snyder Superhero Movie HD


Watchmen go through many political wars and also embrace each other to come together and take down the one that killed their own. A movie sequel would be great for Watchmen fans as it could explore new missions and characters.



6) The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

David Leonhardt, movie sequel

David Leonhardt

One of our family’s favorite worlds is Narnia. My daughters have read the full seven books. One of them read it several times. When The Chronicles of Narnia came out in 2005, they watched it over and over. When Prince Caspian came out three years later, they watched it even more…and watched the original several times more.



In 2010, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader brought the whole series back to our screens. Sadly, they never made the movie sequel to that one, nor the prequel to the original. That leaves four of the seven books unfilmed. Last year, Netflix announced a new adaptation. This will be exciting to see, and hopefully, it will include all seven books. Still, it is sad that there will be no sequel to the three movies in the original film series.



7) Real Steel

Steve Kurniawan, movies, sequels

Steve Kurniawan

Real Steel, a surprise hit in 2011, is a movie about futuristic boxing that involves the use of giant robots. The story revolves around a little boy in a world of arrogant adults and an underdog robot, called Atom, who is pitted against multi-million dollar enterprise-backed robots. Atom had been trained by a carefree veteran boxer named Charlie Kenton, played by Hugh Jackman, who had lost his purpose in life.


This movie turns out to be a great story about rebellion against capitalism, father-son reunion, and a man’s redemption— three things that are even more relevant today than it was in 2011.


The movie, though ended on the right footing, still begs the question as to what the future holds for this underdog robot, Atom.


Real Steel Trailer 2011 official movie trailer


Due to Jackman’s recent health issues, the sequel to the movie will feature a different star. This change will bring more diversity to the movie, and the premise remains interesting enough to warrant a sequel.



8) Constantine

Ken Parth, mvoie sequels

Ken Parth

Constantine is an occult movie that deserves a movie sequel. This supernatural/horror movie is staged around a dagger that can aid the son of Satan to come into the world. But this would also require the help of an angel, played by Tilda Swinton’s character, Gabriel, and a medium, played by Rachel Weisz’s character, Angela Dodson.


Keanu Reeves’s character, Constantine, a demon hunter with a soul destined for hell, battles demonic forces to stop Lucifer’s son from coming into the world. His fate is also changed when he makes an unselfish sacrifice to accomplish this.


Constantine (2005) Official Trailer # 1 - Keanu Reeves Movie HD


I would definitely like to see, via a movie sequel, what happens after Lucifer cures him of his illness in other to keep him on Earth.



9) Ender’s Game

Cindy Alvarez, movies, sequel

Cindy Alvarez

This science-fiction movie is one that some, including myself, would say definitely deserves a movie sequel except that it did not do too well at the box office.


Anyway, in the movie, a genius kid, Asa Butterfield’s character, Ender is recruited and trained, under the command of Harrison Ford’s character, Hyrum Graff, to help fight off the alien bugs that threaten the earth.


Ender had gone through much-simulated training to prepare for the war against the bugs. But unknown to him, one of the simulations was actually the actual war with bugs in which he and his team almost wiped out the alien bug race and home.


Ender's Game Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Harrison Ford Movie HD


Out of guilt, he set out to find a home for the remaining bug survivor. So, did he succeed in doing that, or did anything interesting happen along the way? A movie sequel will definitely answer these questions




10) The Nice Guys

Landon Coats, movie, sequel

Landon Coats

The Nice Guys deserves to have a movie sequel. The movie is a 2016 action/crime/comedy written and directed by Shane Black, and stars: Russel Crowe, Ryan Gosling, and Matt Boomer.


Set in the 1970s, two private detective team up to investigate the mysterious murder of a famous porn star. This hilarious and underrated movie had the misfortune of being released around the same time as Marvel’s Civil War, Batman VS Superman, and X-Men Apocalypse, so needless to say no one saw it… Well, I shouldn’t say, no one, as it definitely has a following. But it did suffer at the box office due to the overwhelming competition. Although it didn’t rack up the dollars, it did well, critically scoring 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.


The Nice Guys offers a refreshing take on the crime noir genre while being wildly funny at the same time. Gosling and Crowe’s chemistry radiates in every scene and further drives the movie home. With the established dynamic and tone, The Nice Guys could easily pick up with our detectives on or about to start a new case.


The Nice Guys Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe Movie HD


Shane Black has stated he would like to make a movie sequel, and there was even a TV remake in the works (Similar to Lethal Weapon) but that was scrapped. I believe if any movie deserves a sequel it’s this one.



11) Waterworld

Becky Beach, movies that deserve a sequel

Becky Beach

Kevin Costner’s Waterworld needs a movie sequel: I’m a big fan of the box office bomb, Waterworld. I went out and purchased the comic books a few years ago to learn more about the Mariner’s character.



Waterworld Official Trailer #1 - Kevin Costner Movie (1995) HD


It turns out, he was an experiment in an underwater laboratory! After reading all about this, I thought that Waterworld should have a movie sequel of the Mariner finding out where he came from. Also, the experiences of Elona and everyone else on dry land. How are they getting used to being on dry land?



12) Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Christopher McKittrick, movies for sequel

Christopher McKittrick

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) was groundbreaking in its use of animation, and there is no doubt that with the incredible advancements in visual effects technology over the past thirty years animators could push a “Roger Rabbit” sequel to new stunning levels.


“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is also notable for featuring a shared universe of classic cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM libraries. With revolutionary shared universe movies like the Marvel Cinematic Universe being popular with audiences, it creates the opportunity for filmmakers to bring in even more classic cartoon characters.


Movie Trailer - 1988 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit


In addition, while “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” faced some criticism for its limited use of mature content, animated films for mature audiences are more widely accepted today and would avoid much of that criticism. Most of all, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” tells a brilliant story that pays homage to the classic 1940s cinema with stunning visual effects. It would be wonderful to see a new take on the “Roger Rabbit” characters in a new era if filmmakers could sustain the heart of Robert Zemeckis’ original.



13) Alita: Battle Angel

Jacob Landis-Eigsti, movie sequels

Jacob Landis-Eigsti

 The movie Alita: Battle Angel deserves to have a movie sequel. The strong demand for a sequel due to the high anticipation in real life is noticeable.  I was originally skeptical of Alita, but when I saw it in theaters it was funny, endearing, creative, and an all-around great movie. The movie spent over a decade in development and production.


Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX


The movie sets up a sequel and sets up bigger conflicts and issues that will need to be resolved in future films. At first, the movie looked like a costly box office flop. However, fans kept turning out to see the movie and it crossed 400 million worldwide, meaning the movie turned a profit. The loyal fans who helped make the movie a success deserve to see how certain plot points are resolved in future movie sequels.



14) 3:10 to Yuma

Kim Beeler, movie sequels

Kim Beeler

A movie that I think deserves a sequel is 3:10 to Yuma with Christian Bale (Dan) and Russell Crowe (Wade).


The movie ends with Dan being killed by Wade’s gang. As the train leaves the scene, Wade whistles for his horse. Wade earlier tells Dan that he has escaped from Yuma Prison twice.


I’d like to see a movie sequel that shows what happens after this scene. Does Wade escape a third time; after putting himself back on the train headed for Yuma Prison? What happens when Dan’s kid returns home with the $1K Dan earned for getting Wade on the train to Yuma?


3:10 To Yuma (2007) Official Trailer #1 - Russell Crowe, Christian Bale Movie


I love the chemistry between Wade and Dan and how they ended up establishing a bond on their way to contention. Wade also had chemistry in a scene earlier in the movie with Dan’s wife, Alice. Do they end up together?



15) Detective Pikachu

Max Falb, movies sequels

Max Falb

I think one of the movies that should get a sequel is Detective Pikachu because of the potential.


The movie itself was not the best, however, it had amazing animation, a great foundation, a fun universe, and overall a really cute movie. It was received well even by the hardcore fans. Not only that but Pokemon is such an influential brand and has such a large following it only makes sense to make more movie sequels.


POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - Official Trailer #1


I really think if they figure out a good storyline and universe to follow, they can make an amazing Pokemon cinematic universe because there is so much content they can pull from, given all the video games, animated movies, TV shows, etc already available. The content and audience are there, they just need to figure out the best way to put it all together.



16) Hancock

Ken Parth, mvoie sequels

Ken Parth

You got to love this Will Smith superhero movie. The character, Hancock, a superhero who really does not know how to act like one, is hated by society even when he tries to do some good in society.


But luckily for him, enters Jason Bateman’s character, Ray Embrey, who helps Hancock clean up his reputation and put up a great image in public.


Hancock - Official® Trailer 1


The movie ends well with Hancock discovering who he is, and of course, becoming more of a likable superhero. But it gets you wondering about what he does next as a full-fledged responsible superhero, and if there are really no more of his kind out there with a twist to another interesting story that a movie sequel could portray.


The announced possibility of this sequel is exciting, offering new stories and unexpected elements that could capture audiences’ attention with action, introspection, and surprises.



17) Inception

Stacy Caprio, movie sequels

Stacy Caprio

Inception is one of those crowd-pleasing movies that also cleaned up well in the box office, and I think it’s safe to say it deserves a sequel. The mind-bending storyline was both fun to watch and made you think at the same time, which is rare in movies today. I would personally be on board with seeing what they could do with an Inception movie sequel.


Inception (2010) Official Trailer #1 - Christopher Nolan Movie HD




18) The Fifth Element

Anay Ayarovu, movies, sequels

Anay Ayarovu

The Fifth Element (1997) deserves to have a movie sequel! The fifth element is a great movie that has gained immense popularity, success, and appreciation in the world of Hollywood. This blockbuster movie was written by a teenage boy, Seven Samurai in 1997.


The film is categorized as science fiction, which addresses many themes at the same time. There are themes of gender, humor, terror, darkness, and so many like this.


Every detail in the movie is made in a way that appeals to the viewers very much. There is a woman in the film who saves the world, but only if any man loves her and tells this to her. The woman has to collect the four precious stones to save the whole world. As the story goes on, people encounter many vibrant visuals and audio, which are made with the help of great technology.


There are also the great additions of trenchant wit that are rarely found in science fiction movies, and which is another element of its success. Watching it was highly enjoyable and entertaining, and also it influenced my childhood and made me want to explore new worlds. The movie is even influencing the latest blockbusters because of its unique approach.


The Fifth Element - Official Movie Trailer


Even after 20 years have passed away, the Fifth Element is still an excellent sci-fi movie. Its story is so flexible, it could be stretched away easily to make another blockbuster highly influenced by the modern advancement in technology and visualization.


Though the movie seems to have ended completely, it can open up with a new phase that includes the addition of more information, characters, and themes. The new generation may notice some drawbacks in the movie, which were not covered because of the existing technology at that time, which was not as advanced as it is now. In the sequel of the Fifth Element, all these shortcomings can be overcome, remarkably, to make another great piece of work.



19) Sleepless in Seattle

Claire Shaner, movies and sequels

Claire Shaner

The movie that I would most wish to have a sequel is Sleepless in Seattle (1993). Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have incredible chemistry and are still both strong in their acting careers. The leads they play, Sam and Annie, spend the whole movie finding each other, only to leave the Empire State Building holding hands, never to be seen again.


Sleepless In Seattle - Trailer


They leave the audience wondering, What next? Did they build their life together? Was it everything they dreamed of? Did Sam continue to dream about his late wife?


Though some of the appeals of Sleepless in Seattle is the notion that Sam and Annie lived happily ever after, a comedic and touching movie sequel would tie this up with a Christmas bow.



20) Fight Club

Rio Rocket, movie, sequel

Rio Rocket

Fight Club deserves a movie sequel. A film that at its core is about everything but fighting. The film’s attitudes toward anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, and spiritual philosophies went over the heads of many at the time of its release.



Fight Club (1999) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers


Anti-hero Tyler Durden and the Nietschian approach of his character to instill minimalism through nirvana-based teachings to the working class and social outcasts went largely unnoticed by theater audiences during the dazzling visuals of David Lynch’s brilliance. Only truly appreciated in the cult following that would come after the film’s DVD release gives cause to follow up this masterpiece with one more good one to the jaw of society.



21) When A Stranger Calls

Brydell Cocky, movie sequels

Brydell Cocky

The perfect movie for a sequel is “When A Stranger Calls.” A slasher and thriller movie about a girl who babysits two little kids while their parents are out. But a killer is inside the house the entire time. It’s what would you do if you were in this situation type of movie.


This movie had people jumping out of their seats and on edge hoping nobody gets hurt. One minute its phone ringing and lights flickering. Imagine babysitting someone else children in their home while having to protect them from what’s inside the house. I’ve seen it so many times because it never gets old to me. Once the ending arrives, too many questions are left unanswered. Who is the killer? Why was he there?


When a Stranger Calls (2006) - Official Trailer


There wasn’t any information on his background provided at all. Those who enjoyed it were hoping there would be a second part to explain everything. After years gone by with no plans or announcements, I assume they don’t plan on continuing the movie. The only thing I could find is fan-made trailers. Since movie sequels are becoming a big thing again, “When A Stranger Calls” should be added to the list. I think this could be great for the box office!



22) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Eric Schumacher, movies, sequels

Eric Schumacher

The cult classic film *The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension *ended with a plug for the next film, which was never made. The original film, laden with stars, was incredibly quirky and is one of my very favorite films from the 80s.


I can’t recall ever meeting someone who had seen it and didn’t like it. It would be an excellent franchise to reboot and many of the original stars could guest, such as the wonderful lead Peter Weller, Ellen Barkin, Christopher, Lloyd, John Lithgow, and Jeff Goldbloom to mention a few.


Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) Trailer


The film is about a brilliant adventuring scientist, brain surgeon, and rock star Buckaroo Bonzai, and his strange team of experts the “Hong Kong Cavaliers” who stop an alien invasion. It’s a ton of fun, full of terrific one-liners, and even has perhaps a deeper message.



23) When Harry Met Sally

Ilena Di Toro, movies that need a sequel

Ilena Di Toro

“When Harry Met Sally” is one film that would be good to visit again. It would be good to see how Harry and Sally navigate 20-plus years together (with children maybe?) and how a modern marriage survives changes in technology and cultural norms (i.e. #MeToo).


When Harry Met Sally... Official Trailer #1 - Billy Crystal Movie (1989) HD


I know it isn’t a blockbuster or superhero film that almost always gets a movie sequel. How about a movie sequel for a film that doesn’t have an explosion in it?

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