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    Scientists Can Observe Oceanic Crust Forming In The East African Rift Valley As The Valley Continues To Mature, With Further Splits, From Its Relatively Early Stage Of A Plate Boundary Divergence. The Rift, In 5 -10 Myrs, Could Give Rise To Coastlines In Countries Like Kenya And Uganda, As Eastern Africa Separates From The Rest Of The African Continent.

  • Researchers May Have Discovered A Well Preserved Dinosaur Leg, Still Covered In Flesh, In The Tanis Fossil Site In North Dakota, USA. But This Fossil Is Unique As It’s Speculated To Be The First Discovery Of A Dinosaur That Was Killed And Entombed On The Exact Day Of The Cataclysmic Asteroid Strike ~66 Myrs Ago.

  • Researchers Have Discovered In The Sahara Desert, The Fossil Of A Four-Legged Whale, Said To Have Raptorial Feeding Style. The 43 Million-Year-Old Fossil Indicates That The Whale, Known As Phiomicetus Anubi, Had A Powerful And Deadly Jaw, Which Could Make It A Top Predator/ The God Of Death To Animals That Lived Within Its Vicinity.

  • Simple Life Forms, Like Bacteria And Blue-Green Algae, Did Exist During The Precambrian Era (~4,6 Byrs– 541 Myr Ago), Before More Complex Life Existed. But A New Questionable Study, From Canada, Is Indicating That More Complex And Probably The Oldest Animal Life Form, Some Sponge, May Have Existed ~890 Myr Ago During The Precambrian Era.

  • Researchers May Have Discovered, In 2007, A New Dinosaur Species, Said To Be The Largest Dinosaur Ever Found In Australia. The Dinosaur, Called Australotitan Cooperensis Or “The Southern Titan,” Is 6.5m Tall And As Long As A basketball Court. Australotitan, Closely Related To 3 Sauropod Species, Is One Of The World’s 15 Largest Dinosaurs.

  • Researchers May Have Discovered 2 Theia Remains Inside The Earth’s Mantle. Theia Is Said To Have Collided With Earth 4.5 Byr Ago, Knocking Off The Rock That Formed The Moon. Theia Remains, Supported By Isotopic Evidence And Modeling, Are Said To Be In The Large Low-Shear Velocity Provinces, Probably Beneath W. Africa And The Pacific Ocean.

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    Geologists Have, For The First Time, Animated How The Earth’s Plates Moved Relative To Each Other Over The Last Billion Years. The Geologists Spent 4 Years To Create The Animation, Using Paleomagnetism And Current Tectonic Plate Data. The Animation May Help Explain How Earth Became Habitable For Complex Creatures.

  • A Software Engineer, Ian Webster, Inspired By Plate Tectonics, Has Created A Map That Can Enable Anyone To “Time Travel” To The Past, Up to 750 Myrs Ago, To Find The Location Of Modern-Day Landmark Or City, With Associated Location Fossils. This Location Shift Is Because The Continents Have Been Drifting Away And Towards Each Other.

  • The Recently Discovered Fossilized Tail Of The First River Dinosaur, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus (SA), In Southern Morocco, Indicates That Dinosaurs Were Not Only Land And Air Animals, But Were Also Powerful Swimmers That Adapted Quite Well In Water. The Study Notes That SA Prowled The Rivers That Flowed Through The Sahara Desert 100 Myrs Ago. Fascinating!

  • The USGS, In Collaboration With NASA And The Lunar Planetary Institute, Have For The First Time Created A Detailed Map, 1:5,000,000 scale, Of The Entire Moon Surface Rock Types. The Geologic Map Is Expected To Aid Future Moon Missions And Used As A Learning Tool. The Map Was Created From Recent Satellite Missions And Historic Apollo-Era Data. Cool!!

  • Earth Now Has A Temporary New Mini Moon, Called 2020 CD3, Which Measures About 6 Feet To 11 Feet Across And With Orbit That Suggests It Entered Earth’s Orbit About 3 Years Ago. This Is The Second Asteroid To Be Captured By Earth’s Gravity After An Asteroid Named “2006 RH120” Was Captured In June 2006 And Stayed Until Around September 2007.

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    The Oldest Known Asteroid Impact Crater, “Yarrabubba Crater,” May Have Been Discovered In Australia. The Impact, Dated To 2.229 Byr, Possibly Ended The Snow Ball Earth Glacial Condition Via Water Vapour, A Green House Gas, Hurtled Into The Atmosphere. Another Implication Of This Discovery Is That Other Older Craters May Still Exist.

  • Evidence Of The World Oldest Forest, A Fossilized Tree Root Dated To ~386 MYA, Was Discovered In An Abandoned Quarry In Cairo, NY, ~40 Miles South Of Albany. The Forest Is Said To Be 2-3 Myrs Older Than The Previously Discovered Forest In Gilboa, NY. This Discovery Provides A Snapshot Of Earth’s Evolution From No Forest To Being Forested.

  • Many Elephants Are Held In Captivity For Research, Conservation, And Tourism. But, According To A Recent Study, Asian Elephants Held In Captivity Are Hindered In Reproduction For Over A Decade. And Calves, From Captured Females, Have Lower Survival Rates. ~16,000 Asian Elephants Are Held In Captivity In Countries Like Myanmar And India.

  • A Lost 8th Continent, Greenland-sized, Has Been Discovered, Subducted 1000 Miles Under Europe. The Continent, Called “Greater Adria,” Is Said To Be The Fifth Continent Formed From Gondwana, An Offspring Of Supercontinent Pangea. Greater Adria Is Said To Have Slide Under Europe About 120 Mya, Forming Mountain Belts In What’s Now 30 European Countries.

  • An Extensive Sheet Of Pumice, A Very Light And Porous Volcanic Rock, From An Underwater Volcano, Near Tonga, Is Floating Towards Australia. The Pumice Sheet, About The Size Of Washington, D.C. (58 Square Miles), Could Act As A Medium For Carrying Marine Organisms To Replenish Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Cool!

  • A Major Climate Regulator, The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), Is Said To Be Weakening. It’s Weaker Than It Was For 1000 Yrs. This Is Probably Due To An Increase In Fresh Water Influx As A Result Of Global Warming. Could The Next Ice Age Be On The Horizon? Only Further Studies And Time Will Tell.

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    The New Find That Part Of North America, Specifically The Canadian Land Mass, Was Once Attached To Northern Australia 1.7 Byrs Ago Continues To Support The Plate Tectonic Theory, In Which The Earth’s Broken Lithosphere (Tectonic Plates) Have Been Moving Slowly, Relative To Each Other. The Plates, ~2 To 1.8 Bya, Came Together To Form What’s Bel…

  • Scientists May Have Confirmed, From A Recently Discovered 6 Week Old Infant’s DNA, That The Ancestors Of The Current Native Americans Mass Migrated From Siberia, Across The Bering Land Bridge (A Part Of Beringia), During The Last Glacial Maximum (LGM).

  • How Can Some Many Things Be So Wrong With This Country, Nigeria? If It Is Not Corruption, Which Has Led To Insecurity And Slow Rate Of Development, It Is The HIV Epidemic. The Country, In 2016, Has The Second Highest HIV Epidemic. I Really Wish The News Was That The Country Ranks Second In Development.

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