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Plaza España , Sevilla, Andalucía 41013, Spain
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Plaza de España, the most famous square in Seville, Spain,  is more than a regular structure. It is a massive building with an impressive design after Seville Cathedral. It is distinguished for its fabulous sheer scale and grandeur. This is what tourist attractions are all about.


Having a view of special things that make us interact with history, arts, and culture. Plaza de España is a brick building shaped in a semi-circle with an expression of Renaissance or neo-Moorish style of arts. Close to the building is the 500-meter canal that is crossed by 4 bridges. There are boats to rent for tourists who would like to row in the canal.


The Plaza was completed in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition tagged Expo 29. Plaza De España major tourist attraction that fascinates visitors is the finishing point of horse-and-carriage rides. At the time its building initiative was announced, it was intended to be the centerpiece of the exhibition scheduled for 1929, which was hosted at Maria Luisa Park.


The main intention of the architect was to amaze other exhibitors and people whose main goal is to feed their eyes with beautiful works of art. Till date, the Plaza has continuously served this purpose of wonderment and appreciation for the genius ability of the architect that designed it.


There are 48 pavilions surrounding the building. Each of them was dedicated to a province and decorated in ceramic tiles with intricate illustrations. This style was an expression of the city’s industrial excellence and craftsmanship.


And today, the beauty of this Plaza has caught the attention of many movie producers who have explored it as a location for their movie. Among the movies set at the Plaza are Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002).


It is on record that it is a renowned tourist attraction that welcomes thousands of visits per day. There is no fee required to check out this place. Only a will to enter. However, visitors may have to plan other expenses to cater for feeding, transportation, and accommodation in the city.


Source: Wikipedia, Visita Sevilla

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