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    The US FDA Will Review The First Ever Over-The-Counter Daily Birth Control Pill From HRA Pharma, A Unit Of Perrigo Company. The Request For The Prescription Drug, Sold Under The Brand Opill, To Become An Over-The-Counter Drug, Comes In The Wake Of The Us Supreme Court Overturning 1973 Roe V. Wade Case That Legalized Abortion Nationwide.

  • “1917,” A 2019 Movie Directed By Sam Mendes, Is Being Hailed By Critics As The Best War Movie Since “Saving Private Ryan” (1998). The Movie Centers Around 2 British Soldiers, Schofield (Played By George MacKay) And Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), Sent To Deliver A Message To Save 1,600 British Soldiers, Which Includes Blake’s Brother, From A Deadly Ambush.

  • This TV Series Just Broke A New Record For Being The Longest-Running Live-Action Prime-Time Series In TV History. The Series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” Which Began 20 Years Ago, Achieved This Feat After Being Renewed For The 21st Season, Surpassing “Gunsmoke” (20 Seasons) And The Original “Law & Order” ( Also 20 Seasons) TV Series.

  • The New Super Hero Movie, Captain Marvel, Is Said To Be Breaking Many Box Office Records, Which Includes Having The Biggest Opening Weekend Of $154m For A Female-Directed Movie (Anna Boden) And Movie Starring A Cat; And The Biggest Oversea And Worldwide Launch of $302m And $456 million, Respectively, For A Female Led Movie. Cool!

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    2017 Has Registered The Most Death In The USA, Since The USA Government Began Deaths/ Year Counts About A Century Ago. Unfortunately, The 2017 Increase In Deaths Due To Suicide And Drug Overdose In Younger Folks Has Decreased The Life Expectancy In The USA. The USA Has Been In A Declining Life Expectancy Since Worldwar 1.

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    Caution Should Be Applied When Using Commonly Prescribed Drugs Like Proton Pump Inhibitors (P.P.I.s), Birth Control Pills And Contraceptives, As They Have Been Said To Have Side Effects Like Suicidal Symptoms Or Depression. About 200 Prescription Drugs Can Cause Depression, And Some Of These Drugs Can Also Be Bought Over-The-Counter.