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2 Red Square , Moskva, 109012, Russian Federation
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Saint Basil Cathedral is one of the tourist attractions to consider if you are a tourist looking to visit one of the world’s most colorful buildings. Among all the churches in Russia, this is one that got the status of being the most recognized.



In the 16th century, Ivan the Terrible ordered the building of this church as a way to commemorate the victory that led to the capturing of the Khanate of Kazan. There are different stories narrating the historical scenarios that influenced the decision to erect such a beautiful and imposing structure in Russia. Among them is a popular and very terrifying one. It explains how the Czar decided to blind the architects that came up with such a masterpiece to prevent them from replicating a similar one in another place.


The cathedral has 9 buildings with colorful, and cupolas in the shape of an onion. Despite the glorified beauty of this cathedral, it didn’t stop the Bolsheviks from deciding to close it when they got hold of power. They didn’t only close the church. They went after the Christians among whom was the arch-priest who lost his life. In the same vein, Stalin contemplated on demolition the building to enforce his military rule. But he changed and reviewed the decision.


This is a place tourists are allowed to see the genius of the architecture and designs of this building. Though the buildings date to ancient times. It is believed that more than 400 icons contributed to its painting.


The admission fee into the cathedral is quite affordable. However, one may have to set aside a reasonable amount of money to take care of the expenses related to the trip. The site welcomes thousands of visitors every year. You can also decide to be one of them.


Source: Wikipedia, St. Basil Cathedral

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