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There is a multitude of innate skills that are too valuable not to possess even as the world becomes more technologically advanced. Each one of us may want to endeavor to learn these sets of abilities and know-how, as one never knows when a common situation, needing such a skill, may present itself.


This post will present a list of the top 31 most important how-to’s, based on a survey of 113 persons, which everyone should know:






1) Live On A Budget: It is essential that everyone learns how to live on a budget as life is unpredictable–could throw curve balls that would require such a skill. Trust me because I have been there.
How to live on a budget


2) Be Financially Educated: Having financial knowledge is one of the most important tools that we can equip ourselves with in life. Financial literacy involves understanding various aspects of finance such as investing, real estate, saving for college, budgeting, saving for retirement, etc. The most important aspect of financial planning is “TIME”. The more time you have the better. That is why it is imperative to start planning for your financial future at a young age.
How to be financially educated


3) Manage Time. Talking about time, when it is gone, one can never get it back, and so, it is essential that every time of our lives is spent wisely be it, for example, in business, jobs, and with family.
How to Manage time


4) Research The Internet: One needs to be able to browse and research the web to access important information like these how-tos.
How to research the internet


5) Use A Computer: One needs, for starters, to learn how to use computers before being able to access the web for important information
How to use a computer


6) Spot A Lie: The world is full of liars. While some lies are obvious, others are not so much. Lies have been known to destroy peoples’ lives with regards to, for example, relationship, reputation, and career.
Hot to spot a lie


7) Tie A Tie: Learning how to properly tie a necktie should be considered an essential skill, unlike tying a shoelace. There are hundreds of different knot variations, and learning at least one is important. Don’t wait until an important event presents itself before learning how to tie the perfect tie. So, practice now.
How to tie a tie


8) Cook: Having some familiarity with some basic kitchen skills will go a long way in making one’s life, and the life of one’s loved ones more memorable and cost-effective. Eating out can get expensive fast, and so, cooking at home could save one hundred if not thousands of dollars per year.
How to cook


9) Write A Letter: We live in an age of digital communication, and so some may have completely forgotten the art of handwriting letters. A handwritten note or letter could convey intimacy, affection, respect, and appreciation far beyond that of any email.
How to write a letter


10) Kiss: A good kiss activates over 30 facial muscles and induces the production of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone involved in love, affection, and desire. A good kiss has been known to change lives, for instance, it has been said to influence peoples’ decision with regard to a life partner. So it is important that none of us take this skill for granted.
How to Kiss



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