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Palm Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island. This giant archipelago, which cost an estimated $12bn to build, is so big that it is visible from space. 


However, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are bigger than Palm Jumeirah, but they remain uncompleted.


The Palm Jumeirah construction began in 2001, with reclamation starting in the same year. 



The tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah island, surrounded by a crescent as a water breaker, is known for its more than 4,000 luxury villas and apartments, glitzy hotels, posh apartment towers, and upmarket global restaurants. Beach clubs with spas and infinity pools turn into boisterous nightclubs with live DJs in the evening.


The island has come a long way, with the development of its tourism, leisure, and retail elements, creating a spectacular, world-renowned residential and tourism destination.


Walking between hotels is not advisable as they are distantly spaced. But tourists can avail themselves of the many cheap taxi services. And monorails are said to run from the base of the trunk to the Atlantis (The largest hotel built on Palm Jumeirah), making it possible to explore the main attractions of the Palm Jumeirah.


Over 10,000 people are said to live on the Palm Jumeirah, with Dubai attracting 1.61 million tourists in January 2019, many flocking to Palm Jumeirah.


Palm Jumeirah extends into the Arab Gulf for about 5 kilometers and is projected as the eighth wonder of the world.


Source: DiscoveryBit  and  Wikipedia

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