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29 Nygatan , Kungälv C, Västra Götalands län 440 30, Sweden
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Marstrand, which is currently recognized as Sweden’s sailing capital is a seaside in Kungälv with 1,320 inhabitants in 2010. It is a location with a small population but also addressed as a city because of its historical significance.


Marstrand is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Sweden and it offers the service of a seaside resort to tourists. It is home to a harbor with different kinds of boats, cozy homes to spend the holiday along streets without cars, restaurant with irresistible delicacies, music, and spectacle.



It is a place for different tourists. It serves the best interest of tourists looking for tourist destinations with absolute tranquility or nightlife with jazz and rock. All you have to do is to choose which part of the seaside you would prefer to spend your time. Being the sailing capital, sailing is public sport tourists enjoy as part of the package they are offered for visiting Marstrand.


Marstrand is currently regarded as a place where the intersection between history, life, movement, and a crowd of different age exist. Its mixed population of old and young individuals can rarely be found in other tourist destinations across the world. This is the more reason why tourists are encouraged to visit this seaside for a memorable experience in a lifetime.


In 2017, a new-water show was organized and welcomed participation from sailors in Sweden and neighboring countries like Norway and Denmark. In just one weekend, an estimated number of 20,000 visitors was recorded to the seaside. This explains the significance of the fun and social interactions that exist at this tourist destination.


You may decide to visit alone or decide to go with your partner. It is a nice place for a family to spend some time away from the burden of work and have a taste of life in a new place for a short period. The price range for a 7-day trip is $1,383 for a solo traveler, $2,484 for a couple, and $4,657 for a family of 4.


Source: Wikipedia, Marstrand

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$1,383.00 to $4,657.00
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