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Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world, extending more than 42km and spanning 30,000 sq metres. The cave, located inside the Hochkogel mountain in the Tennengebirge section of the Alps, is made of limestone and Ice.


Eisriesenwelt, a cave that welcomes around 200,000 visitors each year, literally translates, in English, to ‘’World of the Ice Giants.’’



Eisriesenwelt was officially discovered in 1879 by an Austrian scientist named Anton Posselt. But not long after, the journal documenting his findings was forgotten.


But Alexander Von Mork, a scientist, rediscovered Posselt’s journal and used his findings to locate the cave once again in 1912.


The cave would go on to gain more popularity, in 1920, after a cabin was built for explorers. And routes leading to the cave were created—a move that attracted many more tourists. A cable car was built in 1955,  and since then, the cave has transcended into one of Austria’s biggest attractions.


Visitors/ tourists can take a tour of the cave, which also includes trips to:


a) Posselt Hall (Dedicate to Anton Posselt)

b) Posselt Tower

c) Anton Posselt’s farthest exploration point

d) The Great Ice Embankment

e) Hymir’s Castle

f) Alexander Von Mork Cathedral (Von Mork’s final resting place)

g) And The Ice Palace (Eispalast)


Source: Eisriesenwelt and Wikipedia

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