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Teaching is a rewarding career in so many ways, but it can be financially limiting. Teaching can also be very stressful due to the lack of adequate teaching resources, the poor life-work balance, and some difficult expectations from educational stakeholders to meet certain standards and policies.



The profession has also been complicated especially these past years, as educators have had their world complicated a bit by the pandemic—they now have to adapt and rethink when to teach, where to teach, and how to teach via changing schedules and remote learning.


Given the added complications of an already challenging job, coupled with the lack of additional compensation to an ongoing low salary, teachers need to be appreciated now more than ever.



And to that effect, did you know that auto insurance companies show appreciation to teachers? They offer and accept several car insurance discounts for teachers that can decrease teacher rates. The same goes for auto manufacturers.


Learn about how teachers can stress less about that monthly bill for their auto and on their auto insurance rate with special incentives as well as the teacher auto insurance discount.



Discounts For Teachers 

My three years of junior high school began every morning by ascending an impressive set of cement stairs and gazing up at the massive quote carved above the entrance: “Knowledge Is Power” — a quote from Sir Francis Bacon.


I fell in love with that quote; in fact, I embraced it as more than just getting good grades, thanks to my favorite teachers, who influenced my academic and real-world success. The teachers took the time and care to prepare me for my upcoming professional and personal responsibilities, showing me that gaining knowledge is a lifelong endeavor that can benefit all aspects of my life.


So it’s time to return the favor and offer knowledge that can give teachers more financial power regarding their vehicles. 


The auto industry discounts can be in the hundreds, even thousands, of dollars at one shot. That’s a substantial help since public school teachers earn about 20 percent less in weekly wages than nonteacher college graduates, according to the Economic Policy Institute.


These discounts can be a sweet addition to the literally thousands of other shopping discounts teachers receive. When it comes to consumer goods and services, there’s no lack of teacher appreciation, and not just for classroom supplies.


Whether the discounts are through the National Education Association (NEA) Marketplace or direct, they also offer savings on apparel, food and restaurants, furniture, genealogy, health and fitness, hotels and resorts, jewelry, magazines, sports, museums and parks, technology, movies and theaters, museums and parks, and technology.


Basically, educators should have their school identification badge in hand whenever they make a purchase.


Automotive Industry’s Teacher Appreciation

Here’s an overview of some of those larger discounts.


Ford’s Educator Appreciation Program

Ford will take $1,000 off of nearly every new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Certain limited production vehicles don’t qualify, such as the Ford Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, and Mustang Shelby GT350.


GM’s Educator Discount Program

The GM Educator Discount Program offers educators, administrators, faculty, and support staff of schools (preschool through college) the same discount that GM employees receive. Eligible participants can sponsor a spouse, dependent children, and stepchildren, provided the children are under 21 or full-time students under 25 on the date of purchase.


A purchase or lease of up to two vehicles is allowed. The eligible vehicles are many new and unused 2024 and 2023 GM cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossovers, midsize, light-duty, and heavy-duty (HD) pickup trucks, and passenger and cargo vans — Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC; Cadillac is excluded.


The list of eligible vehicles is available on the GM Educator Discount homepage, where eligible participants register and then receive an authorization number to take to a participating dealer, along with a copy of the school ID/badge or a copy of a current pay stub and a copy of their driver’s license.


Educators can also receive connected services and OnStar plans for 20 percent off.


Subaru’s Discounts for Teachers

While there isn’t necessarily a broad-spectrum program such as GM’s, if you’re a Subaru fan, check with local Subaru dealers, which offer incentives from a Teachers & Educators discount in Connecticut to a $250 limited-time education discount in Hawaii.


Hyundai and Kia Motors’ Community Commitment Program

Employees of schools and organizations enrolled in the C-Plan can buy a Hyundai or Kia at dealer invoice, plus receive all applicable rebates, discounts, and incentives offered by the manufacturer.


Also, check for dealer-specific specials. For example, a Hyundai dealer in Virginia was also offering a $200 gift card with any new Hyundai, a car wash included with every service visit, and 15 percent off parts, service, or accessories as part of its thank you to educators, whom they consider community heroes.


Chrysler’s Affiliate Rewards Program

Employees and spouses of participating colleges and universities, or members of a participating organization, are eligible for the preferred price of 1 percent below dealer invoice on new Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and FIAT vehicles.


NEA’s Auto Buying Program

In partnership with TrueCar, NEA offers member savings on new and used vehicles — on average $3,026 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, according to the NEA


They provide free access to online research tools and connect you with the Certified Dealer Network, of which there are over 15,000 dealers. Get pricing, then visit the dealer for a test drive. 


When a member buys a vehicle from a certified dealer and reports the purchase on the site they used to research dealers, they’ll receive over $2,000 in additional benefits. There’s a 20 percent reimbursement of any payment made to repair the vehicle, covering up to a $500 reimbursement on repair (parts included) twice a year.


There’s also an auto deductible reimbursement if a claim is filed, covering up to $500 twice a year. In addition, an auto expert opinion is provided, as members can talk directly to a certified mechanic unlimited times.


Vehicle Rental Discounts for Teachers

Alamo Rent-a-Car offers discounts on select rentals by members of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).


Budget Truck Rental gives 20 percent off on local moves and 15 percent off on one-way moves, redeemed with a discount code.


Hertz has a 25 percent discount on car rentals plus other benefits for teachers registered to an NEA Member Benefits account.


Sixt, a rental car company available worldwide, including in 16 states, offers a 5 percent discount to teachers and school employees.



Auto Insurance Industry’s Teacher Appreciation

Teachers are already the teacher’s pet of the auto insurance industry.


Occupation is one of the factors that determine your auto insurance premium. Teachers are considered low-risk because their occupation is associated with safer driving habits. 


They’re in good company with designers, doctors, financial analysts, firefighters, engineers, government employees, homemakers, mechanics, military personnel, nurses, police officers, psychiatrists, and scientists.


So teachers are already saving on average $105 a month just for being in their profession: That’s the difference in auto insurance rates between high-risk and low-risk occupations. On average, car insurance rates for high-risk occupations are $173 a month; for low-risk occupations, about $68 a month.


Let’s see how to make it even better for teachers


Horace Mann Insurance

This insurance company was designed specifically with teachers in mind. Founded by two high school teachers in 1945 in Springfield, Illinois, and named after the founder of public education, many of Horace Mann’s agents are former educators, and many are still active in their community school districts.


How does being so plugged into the education community translate to auto insurance savings? This insurer already has among the most affordable auto insurance premiums, but every policy sold to a teacher comes at a discounted rate just for being an educator. It also includes an Educator Advantage package at no additional cost.


Package benefits include reimbursement for the cost of a replacement car if a new vehicle is declared a total loss, a waiver or reduction of the deductible on vandalism that occurs on or near school property or at a school-sponsored event, increased roadside assistance coverage, and liability coverage for transportation of students in the insured vehicles.


Educators even receive up to $35 for transportation if they find themselves away from home and don’t feel they can drive safely, as well as up to $1,000 for veterinary bills or related expenses if their pet is injured or dies as a result of injuries sustained in a covered accident.


There’s also an association discount for members of certain educational associations and a payroll deduction discount.


For educators who bundle their home insurance with their auto insurance, they’ll receive an Educator Advantage endorsement on their home policy. This will cover money or goods for a school-sponsored event against theft, lock replacement and re-keying, and a deductible waiver on claims for items stolen during a school-sponsored event away from home. 



Meemic is another insurance company founded by educators — seven teachers in 1950 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. They have exceptional exclusive discounts for educators and staff at a public, charter, private, or parochial school or a college or university, starting with saving up to 25 percent on their policy.


Benefits include a newly certified teacher discount (within the past seven years), no deductible for covered comprehensive losses within 500 feet of school property, and liability coverage for transporting students to and from school events. 


They also have an industry-leading claims service and quality repairs using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.


For those who bundle their auto insurance with their home insurance, Meemic’s home policy benefits include:


a) Replacement cost on contents


b) Up to $2,500 coverage for computers loaned to you by your employer for use at home


c) Up to $1,000 coverage for the loss of money or goods due to theft that’s being held for collection or distribution for a school-sponsored event


d) Up to $250 for refrigerated contents loss due to power failure or mechanical failure.


As of now, Meemic Insurance is only available in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Georgia, but the company anticipates expanding into other states.


California Casualty

This insurer, in all but six states, provides the NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program and features discounted insurance plans, a 12-month rate guarantee, and custom coverage and payment plans exclusively for educators, firefighters, police officers, and nurses.


Their benefits include a $0 deductible for a vehicle hit or vandalized while parked at a school, school administrative office, or education association office.


They also provide extra coverage for lost school supplies and offer the ability to skip payments in the summer.


Plymouth Rock

This insurance company, noted as being one of the best auto insurance companies in New Jersey, boasts the Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ.


Special rates and coverages are offered to New Jersey residents who work for or who have retired from an accredited school, district, or diocese, or are members of the New Jersey Parent Teacher Association (NJPTA).


For example, for incidents that occur on school grounds, Plymouth Rock waives comprehensive and collision deductibles. It also gives up to $1,000 for any stolen or damaged school property.


Other special services include the First Class Roadside Assistance program at no additional charge. In the event of an accident, Crashbusters vans will come to the accident scene, and Door-to-Door Valet Claim Service will take care of the steps involved in filing a claim.


There’s even a scholarship program for educators, in colleges, of up to $1,000 to go toward expenses.


Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual gives an educator discount of up to 12 percent and offers a $0 deductible when driving a vehicle for school business or if it’s vandalized on school grounds. The insurer also provides $2,500 coverage for teaching materials or school-owned property stolen from a vehicle.


Other insurance companies that offer occupational discounts include Allstate, Esurance, Country Financial (10 percent), Farmers (4 percent), Progressive, and State Farm.


And all that’s needed to receive these special coverages and discounts is proof of employment — a pay stub or a letter from the school will do.


Education, Affiliate, and Alumni Association Discounts

Teaching involves getting a post-secondary education, another area to take advantage of when it comes to auto insurance discounts.


While State Farm is one of the few larger insurance providers that doesn’t use education as one of its determining risk factors, many auto insurance companies give lower rates to customers just for having attended college and for earning a degree.


Teachers who belong to an alumni association or have the opportunity to join one should ask either the association or their auto insurance company whether discounts are available to alumni association members. 


Geico doesn’t have a specific teacher discount, but they do have an “Educational Organization Membership Discount” that can save teachers,  who belong to certain educational organizations or work for a college or university, up to 8 percent savings.


Liberty Mutual also offers savings to members of alumni associations: An example is a discount of up to 10 percent to members of the Penn State University alumni association.


MetLife offers AFT union members up to a 10 percent discount on car insurance, as well as an auto insurance deductible savings benefit.



More Auto Insurance Discounts

Although it feels awkward to speak of there being benefits of the coronavirus, turning a challenge into an opportunity is a way to stay positive to better cope with the pandemic.


For example, teachers doing their jobs remotely are substantially reducing their work commute, and most likely reducing their mileage in other ways as well.


Car insurance quotes usually rate at the standard U.S. average annual mileage of 12,000. But those driving 7,500 miles or less will be rated as a low-mileage driver and the premium will be lowered. The low-mileage discount ranges from 10 to 30 percent.


Several insurance companies offer a low-mileage discount, including AAA, Allstate, American Family, Amica (a 10 percent discount), Country Financial, Esurance (15 percent),  Farmers, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Nationwide, Progressive, Safeco (20 percent), State Farm (30 percent), The General, The Hanover, The Hartford, Travelers, and USAA.


Outside of the pandemic situation, there are everyday auto insurance discounts teachers can pursue. Take a little time to do a comparison shopping not only to look for the most affordable variation in quotes rates, but also to gain knowledge on additional discounts to follow up on with each insurance carrier.


When stretching a paycheck, it doesn’t hurt to save anywhere from 2 percent up to 10 percent auto insurance rates with one or more of these discounts:


a) Bundling (getting vehicle and home or renters insurance with the same provider) 

b) Customer loyalty

c) Defensive driver class

d) Multi-policy (more than one vehicle)

e) Online bill pay

f) Pay in full

g) Good student (usually for maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0)

h) Safe driver

i) Safety features such as an anti-theft device, anti-lock brakes, airbags, automatic seat belts, daytime running lights, and electronic stability control

j) Senior citizen (some start at age 55)


We hope we’ve made Francis Bacon proud by imparting some knowledge to help teachers at least financially power through this extra difficult time and onward … until society rethinks teacher salaries.

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