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The United States of America can be quite an interesting place with many fascinating tourist attractions, great education and innovations, healthcare, and of course, in many instances, an epitome of freedom for the world to emulate. But the country, like many other places in the world, does have its challenges like, for example, in politics.


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The United States Of  America, every four years, comes under a magnifying glass. Each current issue and foreseen problems are analyzed in pursuit of national happiness as well as political gain. 



The analyses, towards achieving national prosperity and happiness, could involve a lot of debates, and positive criticisms of plaguing issues with the relevant parties, which would also necessitate the need to apply caution as the stress of debate can take a severe toll on one’s mental health. 



After a while, it would seem like any and every conversation becomes political, and every opinion feels like an unnecessary addition to one’s already burdened shoulder.


But regardless of how much we argue or how much of a difference we have in our opinion(s) towards each other and towards advancing our country, there are many things that we agree upon as Americans. 


And a few of these interesting things about America is that the country is beautiful, progressive, has great health care and education, and is also technologically advanced, to mention these few, which will be discussed further in the article.


So, whether you are a born citizen, an immigrant, or a visitor to the United States, you won’t see some of these interesting facts about America without actually going out there to see them for yourself. 


The American road trip is an obtainable fantasy that only requires a car and a little insurance to start. And with car insurance for non-U.S. residents available in every state, there’s no reason not to explore the country.


America the Beautiful

This may sound cheesy or corny, but aren’t both of these things delicious!? 


As previously stated that we may not all agree on politics, but one thing for sure is that America is beautiful. The landscape of America, from coast to coast, has a little bit of everything that can be enjoyed, all year round,  by citizens and tourists alike. 


Where to Go for some R&R

Whether you’re trying to re-establish, find, or build your patriotism, traveling the country to see all the beauty that nature has to offer is one of the best ways to find gratitude. In case you’re at a loss for where to start, here is a list of tourist locations, where you can experience some of the most fantastic and scenic landscapes:


a)  California: California is one of the most coveted places to go on Earth. From mountains, forests, beaches, and big cities, the state has a healthy dose of all types of vacation that you can imagine. The top national parks in California are Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Death Valley National Park, and Big Bear Lake.


b) Washington: There is a rich history to be explored in this state, in places like Sacajawea State Park, North Cascades National Park, and Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington State.


c) Colorado: A state fit for true seasonal experiences. With national and state parks like Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Staunton State Park, Colorado nature will have you living the high life.


d) Georgia: Georgia greenery is a marvel to witness. Allow yourself to recenter and get inspired by the skyscraping trees, stone mountains, and graceful waterfalls. A few places to be sure to visit are the Appalachian Trail, Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, and the Chattahoochee River.


e) Montana: As one of the most underrated states for romance, Montana has a landscape that is enticing, with parks that allow you to explore the land and the wildlife. With places such as Glacier National Park, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, and Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, you’ll think of Montana as your own found treasure.


f) Maine: The promise of lobster may bring you to Maine, but the views will keep you here. Soak in the coast at one of the beaches or explore Acadia National Park. Between the water and lighthouses like the Old Port and Portland Head Lighthouse, every day feels like you’re living in a painting.


g) Arizona: If you can’t take the heat, then leave or don’t visit the state. Arizona, because of its hot nature, is great to visit at almost any time of year. Arizona’s landscape is so bewildering that it can give you the feeling of being animated. With wonders such as Coconino National Forest, Antelope Canyon, and Havasu Falls, the spiritual connection could make you want to stay forever.


Other landmarks and monuments that are noteworthy:


a)  The Grand Canyon- Arizona

b)  The Statue of Liberty – New York

c)  Taos Pueblo- New Mexico

d)  Alcatraz Island – California

e)  16th Street Baptist Church – Alabama

f)   Lincoln Memorial – Washington

g)  Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado

h)  Crazy Horse Memorial – South Dakota

i)   National Memorial for Peace and Justice – Alabama

j)   Hoover Dam and Las Vegas Strip – Nevada

k)  Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) – Illinois


P.s. you can use this Discovery Bit Travel Directory as a trip planner to visit tourist attractions in the US and the world. See how it works in the video below.


Fun Exploration Across America

If traveling is something you already enjoy, you can even design a country tour tailored around your interests. Here is a list of hobbies easily made into an all-American vacation:


1)  Antiquing: American history is diverse in category and culture, which has left us with some cool nick-nacks. Take a tour of America by finding pieces old to the world but new to you.


2) Architecture: From California to New York and Wisconsin to Florida, the buildings in the United States really are something to behold. Whether you research some of the histories behind the largest and historically rich buildings or just want to take a photo seeing what American minds have built, it is a great way to get reacquainted with your patriotism.


3) Sports tour: We Americans do love our sports. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy some physical fun. Tour the country state by state by allowing the sport of the town to guide your experience.


4) Hiking: All of the previously mentioned parks are best walked and hiked as a drive-by simply won’t be enough to soak up all of what they have to offer, including the fresh air. And the best part is that you don’t need much to enjoy these parks, but your hiking shoes, snacks, and a water bottle.


5) Music: So many genres and world-famous artists got their start right here in the states. Yes, politics can be stressful, but it has been from our most divided times that the best music was born. Get in the car or book some flights to find all of the coolest music history locations across the country.


6) Rock collecting: Get in touch with your inner child by revamping that rock collection. By the end of your journey, you can start a rock garden or make a nationally inspired arts and craft piece to remember each place you’ve visited.


7) Photography: Want more social media followers? Use some pic-spiration to fuel your cross-country experience by taking pictures in the coolest natural photoshoot-ready locations. From monuments to the side of a desert road, posing across the United States is sure to bring the home feeling back.


8) Obscure history: Are you into weird history? If museums aren’t your thing, then maybe touring the country’s most haunted and famous crime locations is more up your alley. There are plenty of odd stories to explore, so do a light check in the discoverybit directory/ do a Google search, and then fill up that gas tank. . . . if you dare.


9) Food: What better way to feel great than with some good ol’ fashioned comfort food? Every state has a way they fix their plate, from desserts, sandwiches, hotdogs, fried foods, and barbeque.  And locals across the nation will be happy to show you how they do it and offer you some taste.


Access to Quality Care

Despite the debates with people giving “advice”, and in addition to the great tourist attractions that the country has to offer, America is one of the top countries that offer great medical care. The country has some of the best programs and universities for nursing and medical professions, and as such produces some of the world’s best doctors. 


Yes, Americans pay more than others for healthcare coverage and insurance, but dealing with the bill is only a problem when you’re still alive to see it. In fact, there are some studies that rank America as home to four out of the top ten hospitals in the world.


Yes, I know that viewing healthcare in a positive light may feel like squinting in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But even with the flaws, the sick or injured in America get better care than most in many parts of the world. 


Overall, healthcare and the topics surrounding it gets debated because there is room for improvement. But with time comes progression, and appreciating what is well is a practice of presence.


American Insurance Options

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more Americans have access to healthcare coverage that was not obtainable before its enactment in 2010. Though there are still some Americans that are uninsured for healthcare coverage, allowing more people access to insurance can help the public, as a whole, afford the care of uninsured patients.


A joke commonly made by comedians is how expensive a hospital visit can be without insurance, which could put one in a worse state than the ailment one was admitted for =) But hospitals get tax appropriations for treating uninsured patients making the reality behind the jokes much more complex than a huge bill.


Thankfully, there are multiple options when looking to obtain health, car, or life insurance. And I, as an American, will be the first to say that things here are not perfect, but there is beauty in the freedom of having choices. 


With progressive programs such as ACA coming from the federal and local levels, life freedoms are becoming more accessible to everyone in American regardless of their circumstances.


Welcoming Freedom

America is the land where people of all ethnicities can come and have a fair shot at making their dreams come true. There were 44.7 million immigrants in the United States as of 2018 according to the Migration Policy Institute, making America a true land of immigrants, and a country that thrives from combined efforts of all global ethnicities.


Why People Come Here

The 44.7 million immigrants might appear to be a large number, but overall, it only accounts for 14 percent of the population. Aside from gaining, possibly, new freedoms and scholarly pursuits, a large part of immigrants choose America for the various employment opportunities that it offers. 


America, from transportation to science, is globally seen as the land of opportunity. And per the information provided by Forbes, the transportation industry, since 2017, currently valued at $791.7 billion, employs over 13 million people. And with immigrants accounting for 16 percent of the industry, transportation in America is hence dependent on immigrant workers.


The many sectors in the USA that also account for major immigrant workforce are:


a) Agriculture – 33 percent

b) Clothing manufacturing/ tailoring – 36 percent

c) Food manufacturing – 29 percent

d) Construction – 24 percent

e) Private household positions – 45 percent

f) Administrative and support services – 25 percent

g) Computer and electronics – 27 percent


America’s workforce and daily operations heavily rely on the labor of immigrants, thus making the relationship between immigrants and our government a vital aspect of the American mold.


The Global Stage

Is it super American to think of America as always in the spotlight? It may be stereotypical to admit that America is self-centered, but Americans love being on center stage.


Arts and Entertainment

No slice of humble pie is needed here. America is one of the leading countries in both films and music. The talent of singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, directors, and producers is unmatched. Even for Americans who don’t have the dominant artist gene, American culture is highly influenced by the arts.


The World-famous American talents have, for decades, spread American culture and pride. And, thanks to them, the world will always look forward to enjoying American art, many of which like music, film, and fashion, have the biggest influences on global culture. 


Here is a list of a few American-produced artists, entertainment, and brand examples:



a)  Michael Jackson

b) Beyonce

c) Elvis Presley 

d) Bob Dylan

e) Madonna

f) Jimi Hendrix

g) James Brown

h) Stevie Wonder

i) Billy Joel

j) Whitey Houston

k) Mariah Carey

l) Jessie J

m) Taylor Swift

n) Lady Gaga

o) Billie Eilish



a) Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

b) Avatar

c) The Avengers: Endgame

d) Titanic

e) Star Wars

f) The Lion King

g) Frozen

h) Minions

i) Black Panther

j) Transformers: Age of Extinction



a) Tom Ford

b) Vera Wang

c)  Kate Spade

d) Ralph Lauren

e) Betsey Johnson

f) Calvin Klein

g) Marc Jacobs

h) Tiffany & Co.

i) Oscar de la Renta

j) Donna Karan


The arts continue to define the American people from protests and unification to expressions of appreciation for America’s vast culture and history. No matter how citizens take part from creation to consumerism, art is a large aspect of what makes America such an enticing country.


Science and Technology

And the fascination of the US, in addition to the above mentioned, continues in science and technology. We may not have been first in space, but we have definitely made our mark among the stars. Space exploration and technological innovation is an exciting part of American history and current-day news. 


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is leading the world in space exploration, so anyone seeking a profession in astronomy or astrophysics should seriously consider schooling in America.


Not only is America a leading force in space and technology, but it is also one of the top countries for accessibility to technology. On average, the American household has an upward of 11 electronic devices. Easy access to electronics and internet connection is often an underlooked quality of living in America.


American scientists and inventors, for generations, have made groundbreaking discoveries, innovations, and products that have progressed human life and the understanding of the universe. Some of the most famous American innovations and technological advances are:


a) Light bulbs

b) Vela satellites

c) Telescopes

d) How to harness the power of atoms

e) Have proven big bang theory

f) 3D imaging and printing

g) GPS

h) Discovery of messenger RNA

i) Laser printing

j) LED lighting

k) Radioisotopes

l) Microwaves


Uniquely American

One of the best things about traveling is not only finding out what makes a new place special but finding the small unexpected things that make it unique. There’s truly no place like home and some things only America understands. Here are a few of these things:



Nothing shows appreciation like cash. It is an American custom to tip when receiving service, but this could be extremely uncomfortable and odd to people from other countries. Before traveling somewhere new, make sure the view on tipping isn’t the opposite of those of Americans because some cultures may see tipping as an insult.


Drive-In Theaters

Drive-in theaters are an American staple that is as famous as apple pie. Though other countries have had or still go to drive-in theaters, going to a drive-in theater in America has become an American pastime unmatched by any other film trend anywhere in the world. Even though this trend has declined in the past few decades, American cities still have drive-ins waiting for patrons. 


Red Solo Cups

Other countries do have parties, right? The typical American grabs red solo cups whenever s/he plans to have friends over or to get together. 


24-Hour Shopping

American consumerism is unmatched. We love to shop, and if our many vast malls don’t convince you, then the unofficial holiday of Black Friday and the normalcy of same-day delivery deals will be sure to seal the deal. 


Drug Commercials

Not those kinds of drugs, silly! America, if you didn’t know, is one of the only countries where prescription drugs get air time and is marketed to the public. Foreigners find this strange, but most Americans probably have never thought twice about it.


Wearing Pajamas In Public

Americans naturally have an extremely laissez-faire approach to life and public space, but foreigners see Americans in nightly leisurewear in the street as outlandish. Sometimes, what you need to do just isn’t worth the effort, and Americans don’t care enough to judge.


America, America

Ahh, doesn’t it feel great to be an American? Patriotism is a distinctive part of being an American. The gratitude we feel toward our country at any moment can be at any point on a broad spectrum. 


For all of us, politics have a way of highlighting deeply seeded sensitivities and amplifying differences of opinions, values, and biases that leave us feeling vulnerable. Though 2020 and the COVID pandemic has given much more room and reason to exploit these divides, America has always been a place where voices are heard. 


We place a high value on fighting for what we believe in and taking proactive approaches toward progression. The emphasis, for example, on every vote counting and giving everyone a seat at the table gives us Americans a sense of pride and confidence.


I will be the first to admit that when it comes to patriotism, Americans are not filled with blind faith in our country but they are fueled by the vision of what we could be.


The term “land of opportunity” is not only in reference to the selling points that foreigners may see when it comes to choosing America as a country to migrate to. Claiming that we are a well rounded, opportunistic, and inclusive land is a national manifestation of the country that we strive every day to be.

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