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Many unexpected airport problems/ inconveniences could arise during a planned trip. And these problems can be so annoying because they could ruin, or delay a perfectly planned trip. 


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And so, this article will discuss not only these problems that one may encounter before getting to or at airports but offers smart solutions /preventive measures to these problems. 



This post will be grouped into two sectors to discuss these airport inconveniences and solutions: 


A) Pre-airport inconveniences and solution: This comprises the steps and measures that one can take before getting to the airport to help avert any airport problems, such as traffic delays, to missing the airport route, to mention these few.


B) Airport inconveniences and solution: This entails the measures that one can take at the airport to resolve any inconveniences. Some of these airport problems could stem from not having access to a great airport transfer service (for example, America to London airport transfers service), to dress code, and to missing connecting flights.



A) Pre-airport inconveniences and solutions


1) Traffic Delays

Yes, you have prepared to avoid known high traffic routes to the airport. But, on that travel day, even the route that you did not envisage to have heavy traffic could surprisingly delay you, possibly making you miss your flight. 


The solution to this problem is quite simple. And yes, you probably guessed right, it is via using your mobile device, like a smartphone.


Your smartphone is well equipped for this purpose, as you can use it to access traffic reports. And even when you run into heavy traffic on your way to the airport, your smartphone with its GPS compatibility can help you navigate via alternate routes. 


Should the traffic situation be so bad that there are no alternative routes, which is rare, to get you to your terminal before the takeoff time, you can call your airline immediately to ensure that your seat is still reserved. 


But to avoid having this problem in the first place, the best and safest option is to leave early for the airport to ensure that you get there at least some 2-3 hours before the flight, especially when traveling internationally.


2) Document Issues (Lost or Stolen)

Many persons have had their wallets or purses stolen in their hotels or at other places before their flight. And unfortunately, these wallets could include their passports, which could put travelers in total disarray. 


Well, do not panic if this should happen to you because there are practical steps you can take to ensure that you get to your destination even without your passport.


a) The first step you should take is to contact local authorities and your bank–if your credit card is one of the items stolen. 


b) The next step you should take should be to contact the closest Embassy or Consulate to try getting a replacement passport. In some countries, you could get a replacement passport in 24 hours or less.


In case you are unable to get a replacement passport before your scheduled flight, you can still fly. But you would need to answer a few questions to verify your identity with the Transport Security Administration. And so it will be best if you get to the airport at least some 2 hours before your flight.


3) the Wrong Airport

As surprising as this may seem, it happens. Several passengers have missed their flights because they typed in the wrong airport or the wrong terminal. 


A fact you should recognize is that not all airports, even in the same vicinity, are serviced by the same airline.


The most practical way to avoid this is to examine your ticket, then check for updates via the airline’s website and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.


4) Packing Your Luggage

A lot of persons have had to leave cherished and valuable items at the checking terminal because these items do not meet the airport transportation rules. 


And so, when packing your bags, it is advisable to pack smart, especially since you would not want to have any of your items seized or to pay for the added luggage weight.


Packing smart entails bringing only needed items in the required weight. You should find out what you can put in your luggage, both in the checked-in and cabin luggage, to ensure that none of your items are confiscated.


Generally, items like spray deodorants and shaving creams can get taken away because they could explode in mid-flight. So, it is better to carry a stick deodorant to avoid confiscation. Also, items like power banks cannot be in your checked-in luggage, but when carried, it should not exceed 20,000 mAh (milliamp Hour) and should not be used during the flight.


This video also shares some great airport tips


5) Currency Exchange

Arriving at one’s destination is usually one of the most reliving moments. However, an inconvenience could arise if you do not have the local currency. And in cases of international travel, it may be harder to adjust, especially when your credit and debit cards cannot be used in your new location. 


The simple solution for this is to check with your bank for currency exchange before you travel so that they do not flag your activity in your new location as suspicious and block your credit/debit card.


Besides, there are usually exchange agents at the airport, so ask around from airport staff in case you were unable to exchange the currency before traveling.


6) Acquiring Your Travel Insurance

While no traveler will ever wish for a mishap on his/her journey, these are sometimes inevitable. For example, a passenger’s baggage could get lost or mixed up, or there could be a medical emergency, missed flight, or even an accident. Hence the need for travelers to get travel insurance to ensure a stress-free trip.


B) Airport inconveniences and solutions 


1) Clothing Choice

As funny as it may sound, some people have been denied their flight because of the clothes they either wore or failed to wear. On one occasion, a woman who was supposed to fly via American Airlines was initially denied her flight because of her inappropriate clothing, with the “F-word” boldly written. Though she later covered it up, she missed her scheduled flight. The lady could have (and you too can) avoided this by using some common sense. 


Anyone can avoid a situation like this, even when not sure, by checking the airline’s contract of carriage on their website before flying. Every airline has its contract of carriage that you can look-up to avoid embarrassment and delay at the airport. 


The American Airlines’ contract states that they can refuse to flight to anyone who is barefooted, has an offensive odor, or is wearing anything that “would cause discomfort or offense to other passengers.”


Another example would be the coronavirus pandemic, which has necessitated the wearing of face masks in all airports. The pandemic situation calls for everyone flying to wear one or risk being deprived of entry into the airport/airplane.


2) Getting Past Custom Officials

Many travelers have had bitter experiences with airport customs officials, as they could make a passenger miss his/her flight, even for something as small as a knitting needle, which they could say can be used as a weapon. 


As scary as the stories from others may sound regarding customs officials, it does not imply that you cannot get past them with absolutely no hassle. All you have to do is confidently present yourself and your baggage. Do not give the custom officials a reason to be suspicious because they would take advantage of that. Also, give them a firm and straightforward answer to their questions (if any).


3) Bad Weather

No matter how modernized our instruments are, some natural phenomena are sometimes beyond our predictions. The weather happens to be one of those. Bad weather often leads to flight delays. The delay can be frustrating when you are traveling with kids who will make you lose your cool when they are bored.


It is especially advisable that, when traveling with kids, you have games, movies, or even snacks to keep them occupied while waiting. These items will give you time to consider other options with a clear head, such as calling your airline or speaking with a representative to get on the next flight.


Flights can be delayed for days due to bad weather. In which case, the best option would be to consider boarding another flight that may not be in your itinerary but which could eventually get you to your destination. And you may be able to work out the charges with your carrier, later on, so endeavor to keep your receipts.


4) Unexpected Increment

It is always annoying to pay extra, especially when it is for a fee that is not familiar to you. An example of such a fee that can be imposed by an airline is the increase in baggage fees, which may not have been initially brought to your attention or that you probably did not come across. 


Under most circumstances, you are likely to oblige to pay the fee. But if you still feel the fee is inappropriate, you can take it further by starting a social media campaign and garnering thousands of likes to make the airline reconsider the fee.


Anyway, these unexpected fees are why it is advisable to travel with a credit card since some airlines do not accept cash.


5) Connecting Flights

Connecting flights can be overly exhausting, and if one is not observant enough, one could miss the designated flight. And besides, a delay in one’s first flight could lead to a missed flight. All of these are the reasons if one could, to skip connectors.


While a direct (non-stop) flight could be a little more expensive, it is more recommended because you will arrive at your final destination faster and with less stress. 


Once again, as much as possible, go for direct flights to avoid inconveniences associated with connecting flights. However, if the direct flight option is not available, be very attentive and observant to know when and where your next flight is.


6) Long Layouts Between Flights

The long layout period on some connecting flights may cause passengers to spend extra money on lodging at nearby hotels, which are usually very expensive. 


If you find yourself on a connecting flight with such a long Layout time, all you need do is check with the airport to see if they sell 24 hours access to their VIP lounge zone. If they do, pay for it because it is usually way cheaper, and it comes with free snacks, drinks, a shower, and a room to rest.


It is also very advantageous to you since you can later get to your flight without any hassle or delay.


7) Airport Transfers 

Most passengers, after safe landing at their country of destination, would need a ride to their final location, be it a residence or business meeting. The airport transfer process has proven to be an inconvenience for so many, especially those who arrive at night. And besides, the few rides available may not suit your taste and could come with exorbitant charges.


And so, one can avoid or even resolve this inconvenience, especially when traveling from America to London (be it Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton airport), by booking an airport transfer ride using your email. Anyone can use email to book, even before arrival, to avoid getting stuck at the airport, especially when you have your family or guest with you.


Some of the numerous advantages of an airport transfer company are that they have a large fleet of vehicles, ranging from Taxis to executive cars, Sedans, and even Limousines from which you can pick according to your specific need. And with over 25 years of proven experience and expertise, they render 24 hours service all 365 days of the year and have polite drivers who will always help you with your luggage.


Watch the video link below for more tips, tricks, and suggestions to handle airport inconveniences.




The post has now discussed some of the airport inconveniences that people encounter daily and the methods to resolve them. However, the fact from this article is that most of these inconveniences are easily preventable if you follow closely the suggestions given. 


Whereas for those that may not necessarily be presumed, the practical solutions outlined will swiftly get you back in your comfort zone and keep the situation in control.


But keep in mind that in many of the cases, all that we need is a good sense of judgment, being observant, planning, and going for the most effective and reliable alternative should any of these inconveniences arise.

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