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Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received based on visitors to a website. It is an important measure and promoter of business growth as it helps with the following:


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a) To know how well your marketing is working 


b) To promote your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine credibility


c) Provides insights about your audience to make accurate decisions


d) Generate more leads


e) Increase conversions 


f) Get more customers





So web traffic is necessary for any serious business/website owner. And that is why it is unfortunate that only a few persons understand the concepts on how to drive web traffic even with the many how-tos that abound everywhere. 


Many of the concepts in these how-tos, one will come to realize, works very well if one is an already known and respected business/brand. But regardless, getting web traffic to any website is a very feasible venture, which could be costly and instantaneous or free but requires some amount of work, dedication, and time. 


The latter, via SEO, is a popular suggestion because it is free and sustainable, but would requires doing some proper research to rank for targeted keywords that people search for. But because this takes too long of a time, many folks opt for paid advertisement.





And so, in summary, web traffic to one’s website can be increased by the ranking of your site, for many good  targeted keywords, in search engines, and/or by purchasing of advertisement, including using in-page advertising, bulk email, and pop-up ads. It can also be increased by purchasing traffic through web traffic providers who are experts at delivering targeted traffic.


The effectiveness of web traffic lies in targeted traffic. It doesn’t only matter the number of people that visit your website, but if they are part of your target audience, how long they stay on your site, and the number of pages they visit. 


To achieve the benefits of web traffic, you must focus on driving quality traffic and also driving traffic the right way and through the right sites, especially to minimize bot traffic. 


Web traffic generated by bots, which account for about 52% of the internet traffic, will do more harm than good to your website and can even reduce your ranking on search engines.


Advertising/buying web traffic is one of the most effective ways of increasing web traffic to your website, but it may not always come cheap, although there are websites that offer cheap and quality web traffic.


So if you have been struggling with getting web traffic to your blog or you are thinking of paying to have traffic driven to your sites, then this article is for you.


Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the best websites/platforms where you can buy cheap and quality web traffic.



1. Bing Ads

Bing Ads, also known as Microsoft advertising, is a service that provides pay per click advertising on both the Bing and Yahoo search engines and has a market share of 33% in the US.


Bing powers 36.7% of US desktop searches and 11.7 billion monthly searches around the world and can connect you with 45.4 million searchers, offering far reach.


The amazing thing about Bing Ads is that it has no minimum fee, which means you can sign up for free and start advertising with any budget. As it utilizes pay per click advertising, if you don’t get any clicks then you don’t pay. Awesome right?


Moreover, you can get clicks for as low as $0.01 cost per click (CPC) on Microsoft advertising. But this will, however, depend on the countries that you are targeting. If you are targeting countries with low competition for keywords, then you will pay less for advertisements. But if you are targeting countries like the US with high competition for keywords, then one will have to pay more. 


And for effective advertising, you should target a range of countries. The best practice is to target both countries with high competition as well as others with low competition. 



  • Pay per click
  • Automated bidding strategies
  • Multi-image extension
  • Custom audience
  • Remarketing
  • Website exclusion
  • Upgraded URLs
  • Audience targeting
  • Dynamic search ads



  • Less competition and cheaper CPC’s than Google Ads
  • Control over your campaign and ads
  • It works for any budget
  • Bing Ads have great social extensions



  • It has a smaller market share than Google
  • They can block your account, as they did with eFor-Real, without telling you why.


Bing Ads offers a less competitive market than Google Ads and has millions of searches daily. It is a great tool for anyone looking to generate quality web traffic and increase sales. With an advertising campaign to fit your budget, Bing Ads should be top on your list for generating web traffic. 



2. Facebook Ads

With the highest number of monthly active users of any social network in the world, Facebook has become a highly competitive and very lucrative element of many businesses’ internet marketing campaigns. It is a very efficient and effective means of driving quality web traffic to your websites and also improving the reach of your product and services. 


Facebook Ads help users to find businesses based on the things they are interested in and how they behave online. Unlike Google Ads, which introduces your website or business to potential customers, Facebook Ads introduces potential audiences to your business or website through target marketing. 


Using Facebook Ads, you can also generate web traffic through Instagram and Messenger, and the amazing thing is it is very cheap.



  • Lead Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Interest targeting
  • Demographic and behavioral targeting
  • Facebook tracking pixel
  • Website conversion campaigns
  • Carousel Ads



  • You can micro-target your exact audience
  • Offers a wide and extensive reach
  • You can get clicks and conversions at very cheap rates
  • You can add a call to action button to take people directly to your website.



  • Very competitive as it is filled with brands, competitors, advertisers and click baits


Facebook Ads are a highly effective means to increase your web traffic. Not only does it give you quality and targeted traffic, but it is also affordable as it can be adjusted to suit your budget. So for quality web traffic, try Facebook Ads today.



3. Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain Amplify is great for companies with captivating content that can be shared with a large and highly engaged audience. It can be used for numerous purposes, such as driving high-quality web traffic to your sites, building audience exposure, and increasing new sales, leads, and conversion. 


It is designed for content marketers to pay to promote blogs or articles that drive traffic to their website. Although the cost-per-click is low, when it comes to conversions, it depends on how good your content is.



  • Offers a cost-per-click bidding system
  • Device and geographic targeting
  • Campaign management 
  • Lead generation
  • Content and mobile marketing
  • Re-targeting
  • Social media marketing 



  • Ability to test multiple headlines on the same content
  • Shares your content and drive a huge amount of web traffic
  • Gets your post shown on various popular sites like CNN and ESPN 



  • Might be seen as clickbait
  • Some reports suggest some amount of bot traffic.


If you are a blogger or a content creator looking to expand your reach and draw new audiences beyond your search and social networks then Outbrain Amplify should be your go-to for buying web traffic.



4. Google Ads

Previously called Google Adwords is the world’s largest and most popular PPC (pay per click) platform. It is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where you pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users. 


All ads on Google Ads are eligible to be shown on Google, and advertisers can also enable their ads to show on Google’s partner networks, which include AOL search, Ask.com, and Netscape.


Google ads system is based on cookies and keywords determined by the advertisers. These parameters are used to place advertising copies on pages where they are relevant. You pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. 



  • Keyword planner
  • Adword express
  • Google Ads editor
  • Google Ads account manager
  • Reach planner 
  • IP address exclusion
  • Placement-targeted advertisements
  • Smart shopping campaign
  • Google click-to-call
  • Google Adwords customer match



  • You only pay for results like clicks to your websites or calls to your business 
  • Your ad can appear on Google the moment someone is looking for the product or services you offer
  • Google Ads can work for any budget.



  • It can be a complicated process if you are new, so make sure to get help
  • Lots of competition for keywords


The best thing about Google Ads is its immense reach, as Google handles more than 40,000 search queries every second, a total of about 1.2 trillion web searches every year. So if you are looking for quality web traffic at any budget, then your first choice should be Google Ads.



5. Traffic-masters.net

Traffic Masters is one of the largest pop-under advertising companies in the world, matching thousands of clients to millions of visitors each month. They offer a powerful way to advertise your website by displaying your website as a full page pop-under, to the millions of visitors surfing their publishers’ network worldwide. 


They also work on content creation, SEO, and display advertising. Traffic masters display your website or affiliate link to visitors who fall into your target audience and help you to generate web traffic through pop-under, social or mobile marketing. 



  • Pop-under ads
  • Advanced targeting
  • Social media promotions
  • Mobile advertising



  • Offers an unlimited amount of visitors from all over the world
  • Very cheap and affordable
  • You can control your traffic with over 600 targeting options, which range from device type, country, session, duration, ad type, and social network.



  • Slow customer service
  • Generates a large amount of bot traffic–All traffic to our platform, discoverybit, were bots and so we lost money trying this traffic source. And the worst part is that they will not refund your money even when you ask then to stop the traffic.
Web traffic, pay for web traffic, buy web traffic, Traffic-masters.net

You can easily detect bot web traffic by looking at the 100% bounce rate with little to no session duration


  • You can only buy a traffic plan for a single URL.


If you are looking for cheap web traffic and you have a lot of time and free money to waste, then you can try traffic masters. 



6. Webtrafficgeeks.org    

Webtrafficgeeks is one of the best websites for getting targeted web traffic, and it has one of the highest ratings. Although it is not the cheapest on this list, it is still one of the best because of the quality of web traffic it offers. Some of their customers include vouchercode.nl, jogos.com.br, roulette, and so on.



  • Targeted web traffic
  • 24hrs support
  • Offer web traffic in 130+ targeted niches and from over 40 countries
  • 24hrs delivery



  • No hidden cost
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Very effective for generating leads and clicks



  • Might take a while for conversions


If you are a start-up looking for an early traffic boost or a business in need of unique visitors for your website, then Web traffic geeks have the expertise and capacity to deliver the traffic you need.



7. Bestweb-traffic.com

This offers the best quality website traffic with automatic improving targeting and smart goals from over 150 countries including the US, UK, and Canada. They get people to your website through different websites and blogs around the world. 


Bestweb-traffic uses anti-fraud solutions for bot and junk traffic filtering with automatic targeting. And this helps them to match you with the right people at the right moment, making sure that your website is displayed to only those who are interested and actively searching for your product or content. 


You can start a campaign for as low as $9.99, which makes it relatively cheap while still offering quality web traffic.



  • Pop-up ads and full-page interstitials 
  • Automatic targeting
  • US, UK, CA and over 150 countries
  • Low-cost cost per thousand (CPT)
  • Smart goals 



  • Boost traffic and conversions
  • 100% safe and traceable
  • 24hrs approval and monitoring
  • 30 days money-back guarantee



  • Might contain some amount of bot traffic


Bestweb-traffic.com is recommended for small scale web traffic generation.



8. UltimateWebTraffic.com

Ultimate web traffic offers quality, affordable, and targeted web traffic. Their traffic is derived from websites, search engines, domain and web hosting companies, and social networks. 


Ultimate web traffic gives you access to your target audience based on GEO location and niche and offers web traffic from more than 300 niches. 


They claim to have access to over 15 million unique visitors and 33 million page impressions per day. This is an immense reach that can greatly increase the flow of web traffic to your site. Price begins from $55, which is pretty decent. 



  • Targeted web traffic
  • 24hrs delivery
  • Adsense safe traffic
  • US state traffic
  • Adult traffic
  • Mobile traffic



  • Fast and responsive customer service
  • Offers cheap and quality web traffic



  • Conversion rate might be low
  • You might have a problem if your website uses Adsense


Ultimate web traffic has an immense number of quality reviews and is affordable, but it is not recommended if your website uses Adsense, as some of its traffic can be flagged. 



Other Cheap quality web traffic sources:



9. YouTube

YouTube is not just your favorite online website getting all the videos that you want. YouTube is also a great platform where you can also source good quality web traffic. 


YouTube is by rank, the 3rd largest website on the internet. And it is also one of the most visited search engine that is second only to Google. 


There are about 400 hours of videos uploaded almost every minute. And every day, about 5 billion hours of videos are watched. The number is impressive, and so is the web traffic that you can generate from it. 


YouTube Ads can be as low as $0.02, even when you target countries like the US. That means you can get a lower value when you target other countries. This cost does not imply that all the Ads on YouTube is at the rate of $0.02, but it gives the idea that it is cheap. 


You do not need to have videos for YouTube Ads. Sometimes, all you need is a banner just as in Adwords. And there is no minimum deposit for YouTube ads. 



10. Taboola

This ad platform, just like Outbrain Amplify, is a native advertising platform that helps reach a big audience. The platform claims to reach over 1.4 billion unique visitors every month, and this makes them a good web traffic source. 


They generate most of their web traffic from countries like the US, United kingdom. They also display content on popular websites as NBC News, Daily Mail, and EuroSport. 


You also have the option to adjust your reach by targeting people based on their geolocation, niche, and devices. And they do have a cheap service that can start as low as $2 per day. 


Taboola delivers quality web traffic with a low bounce rate as we can attest to that on discoverybit. But be sure you have great content and that your ads are well-targeted.




11. RevContent 

Just like Taboola, they can help place your Ads on top websites such as Forbes, and without you breaking the bank. They offer web traffic that can be as cheap as $0.01 CPC. This traffic cost is the least you can get but may not be the best. However, the recommended CPC is $0.03.


The ad costs, on RevContent, depends on some factors like the county you are targeting, the category of your Ads, and even the ad display device. So, it can also be as high as $0.1 to $0.3, which depends on the above-mentioned factors. 


This cost means that running ads targeting a country like the US and desktop users can be as high as $0.05. But this will not be the case if you are targeting other countries with low competition keywords, and maybe also folks that are using mobile. 


Other factors that may influence one’s web traffic is the bid. Higher bids, like on most other traffic platforms and search engines, give one’s ads more exposure. 


You also have to understand the audience you are targeting to get the best result. You need to understand how their location affects their decision making and the type of device they are likely using. 


One downside of RevContent is the difficulty in tracking and differentiating web traffic. That is, are the web traffic from a human source, or are they generated from bots? 


Some site owners, who have RevContent Ads displayed on their site, try to trick the ad system so that they can make more profit. Hence they send bots to click on the ads multiple times to increase their revenue from the site. 


This practice negatively impacts advertisers as they will be charged more money and also end up getting fake/bot traffic in return. 


A sign of fake/bot traffic is a high bounce rate, or people are spending less than one second on your site.


Tracking software like RedTrack can tell which website and widgets that the fake traffic is coming from so that you can block them.   



12. Reddit

Reddit is not just a social media platform, but it is also a great source of quality web traffic. It is the 3rd most visited site in the US and the 25th most visited site in the world. It has over 300 million unique visitors every month. And this makes it a great platform to advertise site/business. Having that much visitors, it means you have a high chance of increasing your web traffic. 


Reddit communities are known as subreddits, and this is a great place to get a specific audience. You can easily tell what people’s needs are, and then design your adverts to meet their needs and also increase your web traffic. You can also have a great discussion with people who have similar interests with you, which makes it better than most other Ads platforms. 


You can get free traffic from Reddit if you have a great profile with respectable karma score. But you may not have all the time to go through that route of building karma score since you are looking for paid traffic. 


So the best thing to do is to pay for their relatively cheap ads. They can charge as low as $0.5 CPM (cost per 1000 impression) depending on the target location.




Generating quality and cheap web traffic should not be a hassle as there are a variety of websites/platforms that have offers for every budget.


When looking to buy quality web traffic, choose a campaign that suits your needs best; it might be pay per click, pay per view, clicks ads, or pop-ups. Either way, make sure that your web traffic is correctly targeted by selecting the right age, geographical location, and so on. 


Always ensure to track the progress of your campaign, to know its effectiveness, and to make sure that you are receiving quality traffic and not just bot traffic. 


So, to increase your sales and generate more web traffic for your websites, advertise/buy web traffic today.  

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