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Why are some people able to achieve success in life when so many others can’t?


Every day, YouTube videos, Instagram stories, and Facebook timelines bombard us with boastful people loudly sharing their success stories and the secret to their successes. And one, from these stories, could come to the conclusion that the concept of success is highly subjective as what some persons might perceive as success might not necessarily align with others’ definitions for success. For example, being successful does not necessarily mean being rich; in fact, for some, success is merely having the ability to achieve personal goals.


Regardless of how one may perceive success, very few people are actually able to accomplish any meaningful form of success. But why is that? Why can some people succeed in life when others can’t figure out how to? This is a complicated question, and the answer is even more so.


Let’s take a perfunctory look at 30 possible reasons why we all can’t be successful.



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